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61 Individuals with the TWIGG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TWIGG, Alice MableABT 1881
TWIGG, Aloma FaithPrivate
TWIGG, AnneABT 1835
TWIGG, Barbara Lee20C.
TWIGG, BenjaminABT 1632
TWIGG, BenjaminABT 1661
TWIGG, Benjamin18 AUG 1714
TWIGG, Catherine1795
TWIGG, Charles17831832
TWIGG, Comfort18051850
TWIGG, Derek14 AUG 1944
TWIGG, Dolly Elaine
TWIGG, Dolly Elaine
TWIGG, DorothyABT 1888
TWIGG, Effie May18891960
TWIGG, Effie May18891960
TWIGG, Elizabeth16 MAY 1695
TWIGG, Elizabeth5 JUL 1723
TWIGG, Ellen
TWIGG, Emily MargaretABT 1882
TWIGG, Frances AnneABT 1833
TWIGG, Frances EvelynABT 1879
TWIGG, Francis17721850
TWIGG, Francis WilliamABT 1885
TWIGG, Gladys Maude16 Jun 187914 Feb 1973
TWIGG, Grace22 APR 1720
TWIGG, Hanbury184110 Feb 1910
TWIGG, Hannah29 JAN 1684
TWIGG, Hannah11 OCT 1716
TWIGG, Hannah1779
TWIGG, Hannah18031861
TWIGG, Henry , ?ABT 1844ABT 1914
TWIGG, Henry John11 Sep 18687 Mar 1938
TWIGG, Henry John
TWIGG, Henry MartenABT 1880
TWIGG, Jellie ElizabethABT 1890
TWIGG, Jeremiah17921850
TWIGG, JohnABT 1690
TWIGG, John17701831
TWIGG, John8 MAY 1718
TWIGG, Julia Ann18281907
TWIGG, Kathryn Amanda12 MAR 1983
TWIGG, Lewis18041840
TWIGG, LorenABT 1810
TWIGG, Lottie
TWIGG, Lydia17761834
TWIGG, MarjorieABT 1887
TWIGG, Mary17731850
TWIGG, Nora HaltluieABT 1890
TWIGG, Richard18181850
TWIGG, Robert17151787
TWIGG, Robert17471805
TWIGG, Robert1820
TWIGG, Robert17811850
TWIGG, Robert George11 DEC 189210 DEC 1973
TWIGG, Sarah20 JAN 1726
TWIGG, Sarah29 MAR 1722
TWIGG, Walter HanburyABT 1884
TWIGG, William22 APR 1725

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