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25 Individuals with the T'SAS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
T'SAS, Anna5 APR 1633
T'SAS, Anna
T'SAS, Barbara
T'SAS, Barbara
T'SAS, Carolina28 MAY 1776
T'SAS, Catharina12 JAN 1620
T'SAS, Daneel
T'SAS, Elisabeth
T'SAS, Emerentiana22 FEB 1631
T'SAS, Geertruyd
T'SAS, Geertruyd
T'SAS, Gillis
T'SAS, JanABT 1660/1665
T'SAS, Jan
T'SAS, JanABT 157816 SEP 1635
T'SAS, Joanna17 SEP 1626
T'SAS, JoannaABT 1608
T'SAS, Joos10 APR 1636
T'SAS, Joos24 FEB 163815 OCT 1676
T'SAS, Joos23 JUL 16141645
T'SAS, Josyne
T'SAS, Kathelyne
T'SAS, LysbetteABT 1555
T'SAS, Marie
T'SAS, Peeter23 MAY 16171680

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