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24 Individuals with the THEYS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
THEYS, Albertine Josephine20 JUN 1841
THEYS, Amelie
THEYS, Benny04-07-1959
THEYS, Constant
THEYS, Florent184512 APR 1894
THEYS, Hubert
THEYS, Isabelle (Beth)18811921
THEYS, Julia18701954
THEYS, Maria AnnaBEF 1822
THEYS, Maria Anna
THEYS, Marie
THEYS, Martin Joseph9 FEB 18301922
THEYS, Mary28 MAR 18742 JUN 1904
THEYS, Mary187211 FEB 1938
THEYS, Olmun
THEYS, Pauline17 AUG 187227 MAR 1954
THEYS, Petronella13 DEC 17779 JAN 1851
THEYS, Petrus25 JUN 1733BEF 1810
THEYS, Petrus JosephusBEF 1841
THEYS, Simon1954
THEYS, Victor
THEYS, Willy20-12-1938

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