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36 Individuals with the THEISS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
THEISS, Anna15 APR 1862
THEISS, Anna14 FEB 160919 APR 1635
THEISS, AnnaEst 1579
THEISS, AnnaEst 1579
THEISS, Anna CatharinaBEF 29 APR 1710
THEISS, Anna MargarethaBEF 19 MAR 1702
THEISS, Barbara8 JUL 1576
THEISS, Charlotte Carver
THEISS, Georg8 MAR 158423 NOV 1585
THEISS, Georg1580Bef 1584
THEISS, Georg11 MAY 1578Bef 1580
THEISS, Georg25 MAR 1574Bef 1578
THEISS, Georg27 DEC 1611
THEISS, Georg4 FEB 1587
THEISS, Hans Matthias24 AUG 1748
THEISS, Hermann12 APR 158927 AUG 1597
THEISS, Jacobus
THEISS, Jacqueline29 SEP 1941
THEISS, Jenny Anne
THEISS, Johann Daniel21 MAR 1724
THEISS, Johann Georg16 FEB 1713
THEISS, Johann Mattheus167117 MAY 1732
THEISS, Johann MichaelBEF 14 MAR 1726
THEISS, Johann Nickel27 JUN 1718
THEISS, JohannesEst 158214 JUL 1582
THEISS, John Milroy
THEISS, Lissa Maree
THEISS, Maria Elisabetha29 JUN 1721BEF 1760
THEISS, Maria MagdalenaBEF 26 FEB 1716
THEISS, Raymond Edgar6 MAR 18908 MAR 1944
THEISS, Roy Staddard
THEISS, UrbanEst 154719 OCT 1607
THEISS, Urban26 MAY 1572
THEISS, UrbanEst 1520

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