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89 Individuals with the THEIS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
THEIS, Angela17 JUL 1735
THEIS, Anna9 DEC 186228 JUL 1944
THEIS, Anna18 SEP 18297 FEB 1915
THEIS, Anna10 NOV 179826 JUL 1820
THEIS, Anna29 OCT 181820 SEP 1821
THEIS, Anna Elizabeth
THEIS, Anna Mary11 JAN 188718 APR 1962
THEIS, Barbara
THEIS, Casper8 JAN 1788
THEIS, Casper17 JUL 173515 JAN 1818
THEIS, Catharina11 NOV 182320 JUL 1834
THEIS, CatherinePrivate
THEIS, CatherinePrivate
THEIS, Christopher Coston7 OCT 1945
THEIS, CynthiaPrivate
THEIS, CynthiaPrivate
THEIS, David
THEIS, Elisabeth4 SEP 182221 FEB 1888
THEIS, ErwinPrivate
THEIS, ErwinPrivate
THEIS, Frank Albert7 NOV 1890NOV 1965
THEIS, Frank O'Brien14 JAN 1953
THEIS, Franz Joseph29 APR 18419 OCT 1841
THEIS, Frederick
THEIS, George23 JUL 18981967
THEIS, Hans Matteis
THEIS, Helena17 OCT 1781
THEIS, Henry
THEIS, Hubert Carl20C.
THEIS, Jacob
THEIS, Joes12 JAN 179423 DEC 1841
THEIS, Johann24 FEB 178529 JAN 1814
THEIS, Johann21 FEB 183616 JUL 1916
THEIS, Johann Michael , Major1 FEB 1727/2820 MAR 1802
THEIS, Johann Peter23 JUN 1801
THEIS, John25 APR 186511 OCT 1912
THEIS, Joseph21 OCT 1801
THEIS, Katharine22 DEC 18584 APR 1940
THEIS, Kim Elaine
THEIS, Living
THEIS, Lori Kay
THEIS, LorriePrivate
THEIS, LorriePrivate
THEIS, Lotharius Freidrich26 MAR 1742
THEIS, Margaratha21 APR 1874
THEIS, Margaret14 JUL 187511 MAY 1960
THEIS, Margaretha20 APR 182721 OCT 1888
THEIS, Margaretha9 SEP 182727 APR 1843
THEIS, Maria11 MAY 1734
THEIS, Maria20 MAR 1736/37
THEIS, Marvin
THEIS, Mary Joseph9 JAN 1869
THEIS, Mary Louise7 AUG 1914
THEIS, Mary Margaret23 APR 187322 APR 1954
THEIS, Mathias186020 JAN 1871
THEIS, Mathias25 MAR 1749
THEIS, Mathias23 AUG 18313 APR 1915
THEIS, Matthias24 APR 183813 SEP 1843
THEIS, Matthias21 JUL 17904 MAR 1816
THEIS, Michael
THEIS, Michael24 APR 1805
THEIS, MichellePrivate
THEIS, MichellePrivate
THEIS, NancyPrivate
THEIS, NancyPrivate
THEIS, Nicholaus23 AUG 182511 OCT 1901
THEIS, Nicolaus25 MAY 1870
THEIS, Nicolaus Michael25 MAR 186710 SEP 1868
THEIS, Nikolaus9 JAN 182017 JAN 1820
THEIS, Nikolaus6 JAN 177314 MAY 1806
THEIS, Nikolaus2 FEB 180226 FEB 1848
THEIS, Peter15 AUG 183313 JUN 1913
THEIS, Peter29 JAN 1780
THEIS, Peter
THEIS, Philip
THEIS, Stephen O'Donnell19 MAY 1947
THEIS, Susanna1 MAR 1770
THEIS, Susanna21 FEB 1776
THEIS, Susanna16 NOV 1744
THEIS, Susanna Margaretha14 NOV 17511787
THEIS, Theresa
THEIS, Theresa
THEIS, William John
THEIS, Willis Coston28 APR 1916
THEIS, Willis Coston19 JAN 1951

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