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26 Individuals with the TEAYS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TEAYS, Alice Elizabeth18511934
TEAYS, Allison2 APR 184422 JUL 1851
TEAYS, Elizabeth25 DEC 18091 SEP 1829
TEAYS, Ellen H.15 JUL 1860
TEAYS, infant1893
TEAYS, James Stephen17 JAN 18161866
TEAYS, James T.18051867
TEAYS, James William14 FEB 1850
TEAYS, John18001845
TEAYS, JohnABT. 1884
TEAYS, John Henry7 NOV 18411913
TEAYS, Katherine179811 AUG 1830
TEAYS, Katherine BollardABT. 1888
TEAYS, MargaretABT. 1885
TEAYS, Martha18111832
TEAYS, Martha H29 DEC 1854
TEAYS, Mary (Polly)14 SEP 180218 MAY 1838
TEAYS, Mary C14 JUL 1847
TEAYS, Mary Margaret Carroll18861950
TEAYS, Nancy (Nan) Haas18541942
TEAYS, Parthenia (Thenie)15 SEP 180310 JUL 1878
TEAYS, Parthenia J11 JUN 185710 JUL 1878
TEAYS, Robert J4 FEB 1883
TEAYS, Stephen177420 MAR 1823
TEAYS, Steven Thomas26 OCT 18397 FEB 1885
TEAYS, William18131818

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