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42 Individuals with the KOSCHE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KOSCHE, Albert Alfred14 AUG 190124 APR 1957
KOSCHE, Albert Alfred14 OCT 192520 MAR 1961
KOSCHE, Alfred Albert5 JUL 190022 MAY 1957
KOSCHE, Alfred Edward18 AUG 1929
KOSCHE, Anna Bertha16 MAR 189520 JAN 1975
KOSCHE, Anna Emma26 MAY 1912
KOSCHE, Bertha Emma19 DEC 189710 OCT 1985
KOSCHE, Beverly Marie22 SEP 1930
KOSCHE, Brenda Marie5 MAY 1963
KOSCHE, Carole Ann23 DEC 1938
KOSCHE, David Alan11 DEC 1961
KOSCHE, Dorothy Ella9 JAN 1923
KOSCHE, Dwayne Freeman28 JUN 1942
KOSCHE, Edward Albert3 JAN 1935
KOSCHE, Ella Anna1 JUN 1916
KOSCHE, Emma I.18 JAN 18994 JUL 1981
KOSCHE, Eric Alan28 SEP 1964
KOSCHE, Ernest26 AUG 190910 SEP 1909
KOSCHE, Ernst R.19 APR 187019 MAR 1928
KOSCHE, Eugene Robert7 OCT 1928
KOSCHE, Gertrude8 AUG 190324 APR 1904
KOSCHE, Karl22 APR 186527 APR 1938
KOSCHE, Karl William16 JUL 190815 JAN 1978
KOSCHE, Katherine Marie6 SEP 1960
KOSCHE, Lisa Ann11 FEB 1965
KOSCHE, Louise E.27 OCT 18943 JUL 1976
KOSCHE, Margaret C.14 SEP 1906
KOSCHE, Martha Anna1889
KOSCHE, Martha Anna11 APR 191428 MAY 1919
KOSCHE, Mary Helen12 DEC 1925
KOSCHE, Matthew Stephen28 OCT 1998
KOSCHE, Paula L.20 NOV 1962
KOSCHE, Richard Alfred18 MAR 189428 JUN 1967
KOSCHE, Stephen Edward4 DEC 1968
KOSCHE, Stephen Edward11 SEP 1960
KOSCHE, Vanessa Lynn5 APR 1985
KOSCHE, William Karl30 JUL 19114 DEC 1962
KOSCHE, 14 DEC 190924 DEC 1909

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