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38 Individuals with the KOK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KOK, Adriana Hermina18 APR 1782
KOK, Andries Matthys
KOK, Ann Margaret
KOK, Anna Catharina1759
KOK, Anna Elisabeth8 SEP 1795
KOK, Anna Maria
KOK, CarlaPrivate
KOK, CarlaPrivate
KOK, Catharina JacobaPrivate
KOK, Catharina JacobaPrivate
KOK, Catharina Regina29 OCT 1786
KOK, Cornelia18 Dec 183320 May 1923
KOK, Cornelia Martha Johanna (Elly)20-SEP-1946
KOK, Daniel
KOK, David24-JAN-189428-FEB-1943
KOK, Gideon Jocobus6 JAN 1782
KOK, Hendrina Margaretha
KOK, Jacobus Petrus Maria (Jaap)30-NOV-191824-OCT-1991
KOK, Jennifer Lyon
KOK, Johan Andries
KOK, Johan Godfried
KOK, Johan Hendrik Christoffel
KOK, Johanna Christina
KOK, Johanna Jacomina23 APR 1780
KOK, Johannes Jacobus14 JAN 1776
KOK, Maria Elisabeth22 APR 1764
KOK, Maria Elizabeth19 OCT 1786
KOK, Martin N.22 Feb 1986
KOK, Martin N.22 Feb 1986
KOK, Nico M.
KOK, Nico M.
KOK, Petronella Hermina1766
KOK, Petronella Hermina1790
KOK, Regina1 MAR 1778
KOK, Willem Carel
KOK, Willem Johannes
KOK, Private
KOK, Private

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