About Project GenWeb

Project GenWeb is an ongoing effort to make genealogy data available, for free, on the Internet, by creating a worldwide, coordinated, interlinked, distributed collection of genealogy databases. Inspired by the speculations and musings of Gary Hoffman, in 1994, JRaC chief scientist James Patton Jones assembled the first genealogy-specific web-based proof-of-concept system of dynamically-generated HTML pages from database queries of genealogical data. Hoffman and many others grew these ideas into a worldwide network of free genealogical data. Today there are 100's of millions of names and associated genealogical and family tree data available through GenWeb sites around world.

JRaC is proud to continue to support these activies by proving free access to the following genealogy databases.

  • U.S. President Genealogies (38 databases, 890 people)
  • Royalty of Europe (2437 people)
  • Old Testiment Bible Families (228 people)
  • Individual's Genealogies (261 databases, 4,533,290 people)
  • Surname Search: