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66 Individuals with the KOCK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KOCK, Alexander1719
KOCK, Anna Catharina28 FEB 1712
KOCK, Bradley Jason
KOCK, Bradley Jason
KOCK, Brent Allen
KOCK, Brent Allen
KOCK, Catharina Dorothea31 DEC 1761
KOCK, Catharina Margareta6 JAN 1756
KOCK, Christiaan15 NOV 1767
KOCK, Christopher28 MAY 1689
KOCK, Cornelia1715
KOCK, Cornelia Sophia
KOCK, Cornelis19 APR 1750
KOCK, Craig Robert
KOCK, Craig Robert
KOCK, David
KOCK, David
KOCK, Dominee Henricus
KOCK, Floria1733
KOCK, Frantz Jochim19 JAN 1727
KOCK, Hans17 MAR 1687
KOCK, Hantz Christian4 AUG 1722
KOCK, Hindrich30 JUL 1682
KOCK, HinrichAbt 1651
KOCK, Hinrich11 OCT 1710
KOCK, Jacobus Christiaan1760
KOCK, Jacobus Christiaan
KOCK, Jacomina8 DEC 1752
KOCK, Jochim25 JUL 1680
KOCK, Jochim Christian11 AUG 1720
KOCK, Jochim Johann23 JUL 1716
KOCK, Johann Hinrich25 JUL 1756
KOCK, Johanna
KOCK, Johanna Dorothea1785
KOCK, Johannes Hendricus10 SEP 1778
KOCK, Johannes Jacobus17 OCT 1762
KOCK, Johannes Jacobus17101786
KOCK, Josias1721
KOCK, Judy
KOCK, Judy
KOCK, Liese Elsche30 MAR 1718
KOCK, Living
KOCK, Maria
KOCK, Maria22 APR 1759
KOCK, Maria Adriana17543 FEB 1785
KOCK, Maria Gertrude6 NOV 1678
KOCK, Maria Margareta14 FEB 1714
KOCK, Maria Petronella
KOCK, Michiel Johannes1717
KOCK, Ockert29 OCT 1786
KOCK, Peter18 NOV 1729
KOCK, Peter5 OCT
KOCK, Richard
KOCK, Rudolph1767ABT 1857
KOCK, Rudolph1747ABT 1840
KOCK, Rudolph1747ABT 1840
KOCK, Rudolph1767ABT 1857
KOCK, Servaas1690
KOCK, Servaas1770
KOCK, Servaas1726
KOCK, Susanna1732
KOCK, Theodor
KOCK, Trine Grite4 APR 1758
KOCK, Wilhelmina172224 JUN 1775

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