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35 Individuals with the KEESEE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KEESEE, Barbara13 SEP 1953
KEESEE, Barbara13 SEP 1953
KEESEE, Booker T. Jr.
KEESEE, Brian Kevin15 Aug 1951
KEESEE, Dennis Alan15 May 194812 Mar 1958
KEESEE, EmmaAFT 1865
KEESEE, Eva Norma25 May 190820 Nov 1965
KEESEE, Francis Milton185718 Mar 1925
KEESEE, FrankAFT 1865
KEESEE, Hattie1882
KEESEE, IrelandAFT 1865
KEESEE, IturiaAFT 1865
KEESEE, James1887
KEESEE, James Thomas1835
KEESEE, James Thomas Jr.AFT 1865
KEESEE, Jane AlefirABT 1937
KEESEE, Karen 'Katie' Jane29 Feb 1964
KEESEE, Laura Ann1 Sep 1991
KEESEE, Lawrence Curtis17 Nov 1949
KEESEE, Lynne Anne28 May 1961
KEESEE, MaryABT 1780
KEESEE, Mary AnnAFT 1865
KEESEE, Mary Polly
KEESEE, MatildaAFT 1865
KEESEE, Nancy ParsonsABT 1788AFT 1871
KEESEE, PeterAFT 1865
KEESEE, Prue14 Jan 188627 May 1978
KEESEE, RichardABT 1851
KEESEE, Sereptha1 Jan 1859
KEESEE, Timothy Dean23 Nov 1954
KEESEE, UnknownAFT 1865
KEESEE, William Lewis (Bill)

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