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29 Individuals with the KAAS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KAAS, Aagje18 Mar 177727 Feb 1845
KAAS, Aagje18 Mar 177727 Feb 1845
KAAS, Anders Hansen18 Jan 1808AFT. 1845
KAAS, Anders Hansen6 Jun 1837UNKNOWN
KAAS, Ane Margrethe177814 Apr 1835
KAAS, Anne Margrethe Olsdatter173818 Dec 1821
KAAS, Carl Peter Hillebrand30 Jun 1835UNKNOWN
KAAS, Christine12 JUN 17244 NOV 1760
KAAS, DirkWFT Est 1726-1755WFT Est 1780-1840
KAAS, DirkWFT Est 1726-1755WFT Est 1780-1840
KAAS, Dorthea Kirstine1780UNKNOWN
KAAS, Else Dorthea179322 Mar 1859
KAAS, Gjertrud Marie1726
KAAS, Hans1785ABT. 1788
KAAS, Jørgen Hansen17571819
KAAS, Jørgen Hansen17531795
KAAS, Jens Valentin25 Mar 1832UNKNOWN
KAAS, Jens Valentinsen1799BEF. 1845
KAAS, Johan Hartvig
KAAS, Karen1795AFT. 1845
KAAS, Kirstine Cathrine1782AFT. 1845
KAAS, Martha23 May 181616 Dec 1888
KAAS, Mogensine Villerdine8 Dec 1829UNKNOWN
KAAS, Niels1786ABT. 1790
KAAS, Niels PeterABT. 1833UNKNOWN
KAAS, PaulinePrivate
KAAS, Valentin Hansen17511829

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