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1821 Individuals with the WISE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WISE, "Dr." Stidger D. H.4 Dec 1867
WISE, "Mrs." Benjamin
WISE, "Unknown"
WISE, (?)
WISE, (father of Fletcher)
WISE, (Mrs. McCoy Umstott)
WISE, (Son)
WISE, Aaron Brendan8 FEB 1978
WISE, Aaron Richard11 NOV 1995
WISE, Abbie Villa3 Jan 19148 Jul 1999
WISE, AbigailAbt 1621
WISE, Abijah B.18071840
WISE, Abijah B.18071840
WISE, Abner B.5 FEB 18896 MAY 1929
WISE, Abner G.5 FEB 18896 MAY 1929
WISE, AbrahamCIRCA 1766
WISE, AbrahamAFT 1840
WISE, AbrahamCIRCA 1785
WISE, AbrahamC 1700
WISE, Abraham
WISE, Absalom
WISE, AdaJUN 1891
WISE, Adam10 Feb 180919 Jan 1897
WISE, AdamCIRCA 1820CIRCA 1825
WISE, AdamCIRCA 1845
WISE, AdamCIRCA 1785
WISE, Adam , Jr.24 Feb 176315 Jul 1842
WISE, Adam , Sr.17189 Jun 1781
WISE, Adam T.CIRCA 1825
WISE, Adelaine Bradley24 NOV 18951981
WISE, Adry Anna Sue11 AUG 1997
WISE, Agnes E.
WISE, AlbertABT 1869
WISE, Albert Lamar17 Jan 1926
WISE, Albert Lamar Jr.2 Jan 1949
WISE, Alex
WISE, AlexanderCIRCA 1820
WISE, Alfred J.Private
WISE, AliceABT 1862
WISE, Alice24 MAY 1850
WISE, Alice162020 Oct 1657
WISE, Alice24 MAY 1850
WISE, Alice Sherwood30 JUN 1843
WISE, Alice W.1904
WISE, Allan
WISE, Allan Paul9 OCT 1960
WISE, Allison4 OCT 1989
WISE, Alma Boney2 MAY 188330 DEC 1922
WISE, Alma Clyette19061987
WISE, Alma Clyette19061987
WISE, Alma Lee
WISE, Alpheus
WISE, Alpheus
WISE, Alton1879
WISE, Amburs9 MAR 1911NOV 1977
WISE, Amelia
WISE, Amos27 Apr 1831
WISE, AmosAFT 1840
WISE, AmyABT 1751
WISE, Amy Nichole9 Feb 1978
WISE, AndersonMAY 1828
WISE, AndrewABT 1790
WISE, Andrew4 Mar 1747/484 Mar 1840
WISE, AndrewCIRCA 1785
WISE, Andrew J.1826
WISE, Andrew Jackson4 JAN 181514 JAN 1901
WISE, Andrew Jackson18 MAY 185211 SEP 1940
WISE, Andrew Jackson1854
WISE, Andrew Jordan
WISE, Andrew Nathaniel1 APR 18363 SEP 1906
WISE, Andrew Woodson7 DEC 183327 JUN 1862
WISE, Andy
WISE, Aney1855
WISE, AneyCIRCA 1810
WISE, Angela Christine11 May 1979
WISE, Angie31 Aug 1976
WISE, Angie
WISE, AngusAPR 1867
WISE, Anita
WISE, AnnAbt 1624
WISE, AnnAbt 1635
WISE, AnnABT 1724
WISE, Ann Cathrine19 May 188019 Dec 1942
WISE, Anna1812BEF 26 JUL 1860
WISE, Anna Iola26 MAR 18921 NOV 1902
WISE, Anna Mae
WISE, Anna Maria21 Sep 18469 May 1919
WISE, Anna Maria21 SEP 18469 MAY 1919
WISE, Anna Ruth
WISE, Anna Ruth1982
WISE, Anna Wells
WISE, Anne13 Nov 1818
WISE, AnneCIRCA 1845
WISE, Annie
WISE, Annie1 Nov 18502 Mar 1910
WISE, Annie
WISE, Annie BellePrivate
WISE, Annie M.1841
WISE, Anthony "Tony"25 Aug 1982
WISE, Arabella B.1859
WISE, Archie14 Mar 189524 Oct 1946
WISE, Archie14 Mar 189524 Oct 1946
WISE, Arinthia Downes24 NOV 18952 JUN 1896
WISE, Arlee28 JUN 190928 AUG 1987
WISE, Arlissa Renee
WISE, Armsyne L
WISE, ArrenaNOV 1858
WISE, Arrinca J.1853
WISE, Arthur1846
WISE, ArthurAbt 1902
WISE, Arthur Thomas1 DEC 190219 NOV 1976
WISE, Augustus1805AFT 1870
WISE, Augustus G.20 SEP 186614 APR 1957
WISE, Austin8 FEB 1915MAY 1974
WISE, Austine Lee Wayne
WISE, Baby1849
WISE, Barbara
WISE, Barbara15 Aug 18066 Jul 1853
WISE, BarbaraABT 1660BEF 1719
WISE, Barbara17 Jul 18108 Nov 1858
WISE, BarbaraCIRCA 1820
WISE, BarbaraCIRCA 1831
WISE, Barbara4 NOV 1956
WISE, Barbara4 NOV 1956
WISE, BarbaraAbt 1661
WISE, Barbara Ann
WISE, Barbara Ann Childress6 Apr 1947
WISE, Barbara Jane7 Dec 194715 Aug 1990
WISE, Barbary16501719
WISE, BeatricePrivate
WISE, Beatrice1993
WISE, BelleABT 1857
WISE, Benjamin
WISE, Benjamin0 ___ 1860AUG 1885
WISE, Benjamin11 Sep 1824
WISE, BenjaminCIRCA 1845
WISE, BenjaminCIRCA 1820
WISE, BenjaminAbt 1616
WISE, BenjaminAbt 1627
WISE, Benjamin Todd [Jammer or Ben]24 May 1990
WISE, Benjamine
WISE, Berlie M.1905
WISE, Bernice Olga6 JUN 191412 NOV 1914
WISE, Bertha12 FEB 188911 NOV 1976
WISE, BerthaABT 1875
WISE, BerthaABT 1875
WISE, Bertha Cremonia19 AUG 1891
WISE, Bertha Louisa26 AUG 190010 AUG 1945
WISE, Bertha MaeCA 1894
WISE, BessiePrivate
WISE, Bessie
WISE, Bessie A.Jun 188917 Jun 1917
WISE, Bessie Mae18921975
WISE, Betsy1818
WISE, Betty
WISE, Betty
WISE, Betty Lou
WISE, Billie Jo29 Dec 1954
WISE, Billy Neal
WISE, Birtie1892
WISE, BirtieFEB 1892
WISE, Bobby Eugene
WISE, Bobby Wayne
WISE, Bonnie Bell19 NOV 1903
WISE, Boss
WISE, Brandie Lynn1 JUL 1985
WISE, Brenda Alice
WISE, Brett Howard16 SEP 1974
WISE, Brian
WISE, Brian Paul
WISE, Bruce
WISE, Buddy15 DEC 189013 JAN 1974
WISE, Buell
WISE, C. A.1876
WISE, C. DeweyPrivate
WISE, C. LyndellPrivate
WISE, Calvin
WISE, Candass A.1843
WISE, Candis18161840
WISE, Carl CecilJUL 1894
WISE, Carl Hal19 MAR 1916
WISE, Carlie Frances23 MAR 190722 JAN 1993
WISE, Carol Joyce
WISE, Caroline1848
WISE, Caroline L.7 FEB 183618 FEB 1920
WISE, Cassie D.21 AUG 188327 FEB 1962
WISE, CatherineABT 1837UNKNOWN
WISE, CatherineABT 1841UNKNOWN
WISE, CatherineABT 1841UNKNOWN
WISE, CatherineABT 1849UNKNOWN
WISE, Catherine
WISE, CatherineAFT 1785
WISE, CatherineCIRCA 1785AFT 1817
WISE, Catherine3 OCT 1845
WISE, Catherine
WISE, Catherine
WISE, Catherine (?)19 Sep 17948 Nov 1858
WISE, Catherine A.ABT 1869UNKNOWN
WISE, Cecil2 JUL 19111966
WISE, Cecil Lee2 May 189821 Apr 1965
WISE, Celia E.DEC 1884
WISE, Celia R (Acelia)Mar 1874
WISE, Celia R. AceliaMAR 1874ABT 1901
WISE, Charles
WISE, Charles17691825
WISE, Charles1869
WISE, Charles Edward8 MAR 19178 MAR 1986
WISE, Charles H.
WISE, Charles Howard "Howard"Dec 188110 Jul 1906
WISE, Charles Isaiah5 APR 185129 FEB 1928
WISE, Charles Jett9 OCT 1904SEP 1991
WISE, Charles S.AFT 1863
WISE, Charlie Austin
WISE, CharmainePrivate
WISE, Christiana A.6 JUN 184921 FEB 1897
WISE, Christina Jane
WISE, Christopher "Chris" Todd
WISE, Christopher Peter00 000 1944
WISE, Cindy
WISE, ClaraCIRCA 1845
WISE, Clara A. Daught1870
WISE, Clara Bell
WISE, Clara D.1899
WISE, Claradell14 JUN 191811 DEC 1918
WISE, ClarePrivate
WISE, Clarence H.APR 1870
WISE, Clarence II
WISE, Clarence Lee
WISE, Clarence R.
WISE, Clarence Wesley18 JUN 188631 DEC 1945
WISE, ClaudieOCT 1893
WISE, ClaudineSEP 189926 APR 1910
WISE, ClemisPrivate
WISE, CletusPrivate
WISE, Cletus Dalton192116 JUN 1981
WISE, Clyde23 OCT 190614 NOV 1907

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