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23 Individuals with the WAGG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAGG, Allan Wayne29 JUN 1937
WAGG, Arthur10 Jun 1842
WAGG, Brandon6 APR 1998
WAGG, Carole Elaine21 JUN 1956
WAGG, Clifford Wayne1899
WAGG, Donald Leonard
WAGG, Douglas Randall3 OCT 1964
WAGG, Edward9 Nov 1843
WAGG, Eloise
WAGG, Elwin Lloyd15 JUL 192914 MAY 1987
WAGG, Emily Rachael8 Feb 184112 Mar 1907
WAGG, James
WAGG, Joe-Kent Haley
WAGG, John17937 Apr 1878
WAGG, Kenneth Bruce3 APR 1966
WAGG, Lee Anne29 AUG 1978
WAGG, Leonard
WAGG, Marion1838
WAGG, Samuel
WAGG, Shawn30 SEP 1984
WAGG, Wayne Allan5 JUN 1981
WAGG, Wayne Allan14 MAY 1957
WAGG, Wendy11 JAN 1976

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