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17 Individuals with the WAX Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WAX, Carolyn
WAX, Carolyn
WAX, Clarence G.22 OCT 186916 SEP 1957
WAX, Clifford4 DEC 1921
WAX, Elizabeth
WAX, Elizabeth
WAX, Ella G.10 MAR 1903APR 1987
WAX, Emma Rosemond28 JUL 190031 MAR 1984
WAX, Henry G17 MAY 185611 DEC 1896
WAX, Henry S.23 SEP 190418 FEB 1985
WAX, I M (Martha)3 APR 189416 AUG 1894
WAX, Infant Boy18 NOV 19077 DEC 1907
WAX, Lora C4 JAN 1896
WAX, Pearl Mae16 SEP 1900
WAX, Rease Clarence28 FEB 190618 APR 1975
WAX, Sarah "Temple"12 JAN 18808 AUG 1950
WAX, Sharlyn Kay25 OCT 1946

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