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94 Individuals with the WICK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WICK, Amanda
WICK, Amanda Lee3 JUL 1986
WICK, Andrew3 Jul 180610 Feb 1891
WICK, Barbara
WICK, Charles Marshall17 Nov 188525 Aug 1967
WICK, ClaireAug 1894
WICK, Cyrus ClydeFeb 1879
WICK, Daniel
WICK, Della Rae1948
WICK, Edith
WICK, Elisha181217 May 1879
WICK, ElishaBEF. 27 Aug 1807
WICK, ElishaABT. 17833 Sep 1854
WICK, ElizaABT. 1830
WICK, Eliza AnnABT. 1853
WICK, Elizabeth
WICK, ErnestEST 1854
WICK, EthelDec 1889
WICK, EupheniaMar 1877
WICK, Florence
WICK, Frances Marie12 Apr 1943
WICK, George W.Apr 1885
WICK, GertrudeMay 1881
WICK, Harry W14 May 1870
WICK, Hellen Jean7 Dec 191417 Jul 1961
WICK, Henry9 MAR 1736/37
WICK, Henry19 Mar 177111 Nov 1845
WICK, Henry23 OCT 170721 DEC 1780
WICK, IsabellaABT. 1886
WICK, Isabella
WICK, James
WICK, James9 DEC 1741
WICK, James MonroeJan 1855
WICK, JeremiahABT. 17811863
WICK, Jeremiah C181416 Apr 1876
WICK, Jeremiah HarveyABT. 1844
WICK, Jessie OliveOct 1875
WICK, JohnABT 1959
WICK, JohnBEF. 1703
WICK, John166116 JAN 1719/20
WICK, John
WICK, JohnABT. 1776BEF. 19 May 1861
WICK, JohnABT. 166116 Jan 1718/19
WICK, JohnABT. 1808BEF. 1883
WICK, John H.Apr 1887
WICK, John TurnerSep 1841
WICK, KerlineSEP 1861
WICK, Kimberly Rene1 SEP 1988
WICK, Lonnie (desc. here)
WICK, LouisFeb 1879
WICK, LumanABT 1910BEF 2000
WICK, Marcia Jean23 Apr 1942
WICK, Marie20C.
WICK, Martha Ann
WICK, Martha Ann
WICK, Mary179127 JAN 1874
WICK, MaryABT. 1820BEF. 1883
WICK, Mary Cooper13 AUG 173918 SEP 1786
WICK, Mary Cooper18 Sep 1796
WICK, Matilda
WICK, Matilda
WICK, MattieNov 1897
WICK, Mattie LaVerneOct 18901938
WICK, Michael Peter27 DEC 1963
WICK, Mildred E24 Jul 188730 Jun 1970
WICK, Olive FernABT. 1859
WICK, Ora Edith23 Dec 188112 Oct 1956
WICK, Phebe
WICK, Phebe9 NOV 1746
WICK, Phoebe1849
WICK, RachelABT. 1824
WICK, Ralph CharlesJan 1954
WICK, Ralph Ira26 Dec 191522 Apr 1957
WICK, Ralph Ross23 Nov 18731952
WICK, Rebecca
WICK, Rebecca
WICK, RobertJan 1884
WICK, Rose
WICK, Rose S.12 JUN 1867
WICK, Samuel
WICK, SarahABT. 1819
WICK, Saxi of
WICK, Susan
WICK, Tempe30 OCT 1738
WICK, Temperance
WICK, Wesley
WICK, WillJun 1870
WICK, William10 Oct 180924 May 1891
WICK, William Miller20 Sep 184614 Dec 1919
WICK, William PlummerApr 1872

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