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24 Individuals with the NOYCE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOYCE, Abigail M.16 JUN 1835
NOYCE, Cyrus W.19 JUL 18191897
NOYCE, ElisabethAbt 1729
NOYCE, Elizabeth22 DEC 181223 DEC 1891
NOYCE, Harold Jay8 OCT 192526 OCT 1995
NOYCE, Harriett Louisa26 APR 188325 JAN 1948
NOYCE, JohnABT 1741
NOYCE, John M.21 JUN 181711 JAN 1842
NOYCE, Joshua W.29 JUL 18236 JUL 1878
NOYCE, LeRoy Charles28 SEP 190728 DEC 1996
NOYCE, Mahala4 SEP 18151 MAY 1865
NOYCE, Marquise John6 MAY 1981
NOYCE, NaomiAbt 1736
NOYCE, Nicole Marie28 APR 1980
NOYCE, Steve25 APR 1954
NOYCE, Unnamed (Jennie?)27 NOV 1882
NOYCE, Washington M.11 FEB 1827
NOYCE, William
NOYCE, William
NOYCE, WilliamABT 177625 DEC 1803
NOYCE, William4 MAY 180021 MAR 1878
NOYCE, William10 JUN 183727 JAN 1910
NOYCE, Winifred

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