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64 Individuals with the NICKS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NICKS, Albert M.18811881
NICKS, Alvin Jackson7 OCT 1842
NICKS, Amanda Jane
NICKS, Amanda Jane
NICKS, Annette1971
NICKS, Bernard B.ABT 1926
NICKS, Betty
NICKS, BlancheAPR 18881973
NICKS, Catherine LuluBET. 8 - 18 OCT 1908
NICKS, Charles Theron19041998
NICKS, Charles W. "Snook"2 JUL 1916MAR 1978
NICKS, Clifford S.25 NOV 189719 JUL 1945
NICKS, Clifford Solon12 OCT 1913
NICKS, ConstancePrivate
NICKS, Doak4 MAY 1815
NICKS, Dr. William Barrett
NICKS, EdwardABT 1844
NICKS, Elmer Joye13 APR 191922 APR 1919
NICKS, Elsie E.9 FEB 18791965
NICKS, Ernest A.9 JUL 1875
NICKS, Ernest F.
NICKS, Evelyn J.5 JUL 192023 JUL 1999
NICKS, Everett Glen25 JUL 1903MAY 1969
NICKS, Everett Harold11 MAR 191119 NOV 1936
NICKS, Everett M.19061980
NICKS, Flossie
NICKS, George
NICKS, Hattie E.
NICKS, Hiram Carl26 JUN 18559 OCT 1912
NICKS, James S.OCT 1899
NICKS, Jennings F.6 JAN 1861
NICKS, John Doak17 APR 1842
NICKS, John Freeman1819
NICKS, John Webster(William?)21 AUG 187215 OCT 1923
NICKS, Joseph Huston18791929
NICKS, Lawrence Monroe16 MAY 18598 DEC 1944
NICKS, Loren Monroe188012 FEB 1913
NICKS, LucyABT 1875
NICKS, Lucy Caroline22 JAN 1847
NICKS, Mabel Sarah15 JUL 189629 MAY 1992
NICKS, Mamie S.
NICKS, Margaret M.13 JAN 192518 OCT 2004
NICKS, Phoebe
NICKS, Phoebe1738
NICKS, Pleasant B.
NICKS, Quintin Buchanan24 AUG 1857
NICKS, Quinton Thomas19 AUG 1807
NICKS, Roland E.20 NOV 18933 JAN 1929
NICKS, Rosemary
NICKS, Ruth3 APR 1917
NICKS, Sarah Elizabeth24 FEB 1853
NICKS, Sharon L.
NICKS, Susan Jane22 SEP 1844
NICKS, Walter21 APR 190129 MAR 1979
NICKS, William Elmer "Jim"25 APR 19063 FEB 1994

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