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38 Individuals with the NEGUS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NEGUS, (?)
NEGUS, Catharine S.18 SEP 1897
NEGUS, Edith R.14 APR 1892
NEGUS, Estelle7 FEB 1900
NEGUS, Fanny
NEGUS, Fanny
NEGUS, Grace19 Dec 1671
NEGUS, Grace1592
NEGUS, Grace
NEGUS, Grace1592
NEGUS, Hannah
NEGUS, Heath Daniel
NEGUS, Iris Lilian18 APR 1928
NEGUS, Isaac
NEGUS, Jonathan1602AFT 1678
NEGUS, Jonathon Neil
NEGUS, Joshua5 MAY 1781ABT 1881
NEGUS, Karlene (Karli) Louise
NEGUS, Laura3 MAY 18058 MAY 1851
NEGUS, Living
NEGUS, LoisAbt 1740
NEGUS, Maria Eliza30 AUG 18308 APR 1929
NEGUS, Mary Angela5 MAR 181113 APR 1886
NEGUS, Mary W.18 DEC 1893
NEGUS, Nancy Ann9 Jul 178631 Mar 1858
NEGUS, Nancy ButtsAUG 183013 AUG 1899
NEGUS, Nancy ButtsAUG 183013 AUG 1899
NEGUS, Phebe18 APR 1780
NEGUS, Phebe
NEGUS, Phebe
NEGUS, Phebe
NEGUS, Robert
NEGUS, Sarah29 MAR 180626 JUL 1882
NEGUS, Shaidlock20 NOV 1749ABT 1849
NEGUS, Thomas
NEGUS, Wiliam S.

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