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46 Individuals with the NEUHAUS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NEUHAUS, Amanda15 APR 1989
NEUHAUS, Amy Jo9 OCT 1964
NEUHAUS, Andreas Conrad August13 May 1831
NEUHAUS, Arthur Johannas11 DEC 190830 AUG 1983
NEUHAUS, Arvyn Alan29 MAR 1966
NEUHAUS, Arvyn Arthur13 MAR 1937
NEUHAUS, Betty Marie13 SEP 19453 NOV 1959
NEUHAUS, Caroline Wilhlemine Luise6 May 187221 Aug 1872
NEUHAUS, Chad Dale20 OCT 1969
NEUHAUS, Charlotte Wilhelmine Friederike7 Mar 1840
NEUHAUS, Chaz21 JUL 1991
NEUHAUS, Christopher Marcus12 JUN 1991
NEUHAUS, Clarissa1 JAN 1993
NEUHAUS, Cody15 MAY 1986
NEUHAUS, Colleen18 JUN 1963
NEUHAUS, Corey6 FEB 1991
NEUHAUS, Cosette Marcelle
NEUHAUS, Ernst Carl Friedrich Wilhelm7 Oct 1874
NEUHAUS, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm16 Apr 18498 May 1908
NEUHAUS, Jarred7 NOV 1981
NEUHAUS, Jason25 JUN 1971
NEUHAUS, Johanne Louise Caroline21 Feb 18026 Oct 1823
NEUHAUS, Jordan27 NOV 1983
NEUHAUS, Justine Wilhelmine Elisabeth29 Dec 183315 Oct 1837
NEUHAUS, Karoline Maria Elisabeth13 Jan 1838
NEUHAUS, Katlin29 JAN 1996
NEUHAUS, Kimberly4 MAY 1960
NEUHAUS, Koltom30 OCT 1992
NEUHAUS, Luise Caroline Marie23 Aug 1883
NEUHAUS, MagdalenaABT. 171015 MAR 1765
NEUHAUS, Margaretha1630
NEUHAUS, Marianne5 FEB 1930
NEUHAUS, Marie Auguste Justine30 Mar 184214 Oct 1867
NEUHAUS, Marie Caroline Luise22 May 1878
NEUHAUS, Michelle Betty27 JUN 1967
NEUHAUS, Philipp Ernst Heinrich3 Feb 18254 Jan 1827
NEUHAUS, Richard Wayne7 OCT 19398 FEB 1995
NEUHAUS, Robert Charles28 JUL 1938
NEUHAUS, Robert Corey24 MAY 1963
NEUHAUS, Steven Richard26 MAR 1966
NEUHAUS, Timothy Shawn19 JAN 1962
NEUHAUS, Todd Eric9 JUN 1965

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