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18 Individuals with the NISH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NISH, Agnes10 FEB 185721 MAR 1921
NISH, Alma Wilson23 SEP 187815 MAY 1950
NISH, Ann Maud2 MAY 188819 DEC 1973
NISH, David26 NOV 186814 SEP 1869
NISH, Elizabeth20 JUL 18553 APR 1938
NISH, Euphamie25 MAR 187431 MAR 1883
NISH, Ida Martha28 JAN 1875MAR 1883
NISH, Isabella14 JAN 186215 NOV 1939
NISH, Joseph Smith11 JAN 18816 SEP 1881
NISH, Malcom William17 MAR 186419 MAY 1938
NISH, Margaret17 MAR 187215 FEB 1954
NISH, Margaret17 MAR 1872
NISH, Mary Ellen30 APR 186720 OCT 1867
NISH, Nephi18 JAN 187713 APR 1957
NISH, Robert2 JUL 18351 OCT 1919
NISH, Robert11 OCT 185828 MAR 1952
NISH, Samuel Crawford0 JUL 188819 JAN 1962
NISH, Thomas John30 JUN 18604 JUL 1954

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