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63 Individuals with the NASSAU Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NASSAU, Adelheid, Countess OfAbt 12787 JUN 1338
NASSAU, Adolf of1255Jul 1298
NASSAU, Adolf, Count OfAbt 12552 JUL 1298
NASSAU, Adolf, Count Of12921294
NASSAU, Amalie Charlotte Wilhelmine Princess Of6 Aug 177619 Feb 1841
NASSAU, Anna Charlotte Amalie Princess Of
NASSAU, Anna Ottilie zu26 JAN 1581/8210 SEP 1635
NASSAU, Auguste Luise Wilhelmine Princess Of5 Jan 179411 Apr 1796
NASSAU, Christine Countess Of21 Nov 17111 Mar 1712
NASSAU, Count of
NASSAU, Daughter Countess Of18 Jul 170115 Aug 1702
NASSAU, Daughter Princess Of15 Oct 1767
NASSAU, Diether, Count OfAbt 125423 NOV 1307
NASSAU, Eleonore Dorothea Countess18 Jul 170115 Aug 1702
NASSAU, Elise Marie Countess Of17008 Mar 1712
NASSAU, Engelbert of
NASSAU, Friedrich Wilhelm Prince Of15 Dec 17996 Jan 1845
NASSAU, Georg Wilhelm Belgicus Prince Of18 Dec 176027 May 1762
NASSAU, Gerlach I, Count OfAbt 12867 JAN 1361
NASSAU, Heinrich IIABT 1194
NASSAU, Heinrich Ii, Count
NASSAU, Heinrich, Count OfAbt 1276
NASSAU, Henriette Countess Of18 Nov 170225 Jun 1769
NASSAU, Henry of
NASSAU, Imagine, Countess OfAbt 1282
NASSAU, Imagine, Countess OfAbt 1253Bef 1276
NASSAU, John of
NASSAU, Justinus of15591631
NASSAU, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Prince Of1 May 177511 May 1807
NASSAU, Karl Ludwig Prince Of19 Jul 177227 Jul 1772
NASSAU, Karl Wilhelm Prince Of26 Mar 176110 Mar 1763
NASSAU, Louis of1574
NASSAU, Ludwig Count Of4 Mar 17096 Apr 1710
NASSAU, Luise Henriette Karoline Princess Of14 Jun 176330 Mar 1845
NASSAU, Marie (Auguste) Karoline Princess Of5 Feb 176420 Jan 1802
NASSAU, Marie of18251902
NASSAU, Mathilde, Countess OfBef 128019 JUN 1323
NASSAU, Mathilde, Countess OfAbt 1251
NASSAU, Matilda ofAbt 1280
NASSAU, Maurice of15671625
NASSAU, Mechteld Van Gelre Countess OfABT 1194AFT 1247
NASSAU, Otto I ofAbt 1220Abt 1292
NASSAU, Richard Savage
NASSAU, Richardis, Count OfAbt 126128 JUL 1311
NASSAU, Ruprecht, Count Of
NASSAU, Ruprecht, Count Of12802 DEC 1304
NASSAU, Ruprecht, Count OfAbt 12575 JUL 1305
NASSAU, Son Prince Of9 Mar 1768Young
NASSAU, Sophia of18681927
NASSAU, Sophie ofAbt 1839
NASSAU, Walram I ofAbt 1200Aft 1250
NASSAU, Walram II Count ofAbt 1220Bef 1280
NASSAU, Walram II ofAbt 1235Abt 1292
NASSAU, Walram III, Count Of129415 MAY 1324
NASSAU, Walram, Count OfAbt 1259Abt 1324
NASSAU, Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Prince Of12 Dec 176126 Apr 1770
NASSAU, William I of17721843
NASSAU, William The Rich ofAbt 15121559

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