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110 Individuals with the FIKE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FIKE, Aaron25 APR 184017 DEC 1916
FIKE, Adolphus Rouland19 OCT 186612 DEC 1957
FIKE, Alexander
FIKE, Alice Permelia18711938
FIKE, Alice Permelia29 SEP 187122 MAY 1938
FIKE, Alice Permelia29 SEP 187122 MAY 1938
FIKE, Amelius Milton27 JUN 186416 NOV 1953
FIKE, Andy
FIKE, Ann1752
FIKE, Anna16 FEB 177915 MAR 1873
FIKE, Anna25 MAR 18338 DEC 1907
FIKE, Barbara1 JAN 178622 MAR 1861
FIKE, Barbara1754
FIKE, Betsey
FIKE, Brian P.
FIKE, CarrieSEP 1856
FIKE, Carrie Maude18741963
FIKE, Catherine1764
FIKE, Celesta May28 APR 18804 FEB 1928
FIKE, Christian3 JUN 17602 FEB 1851
FIKE, Christian30 JUN 179221 MAR 1869
FIKE, Christian173027 AUG 1771
FIKE, Christian
FIKE, Christian
FIKE, Christina8 JUN 182710 OCT 1899
FIKE, Clara L. "Rindy"
FIKE, David
FIKE, David1 MAR 182323 APR 1907
FIKE, Deborah8 SEP 1955
FIKE, Donna19 JAN 1959
FIKE, Elis
FIKE, Elizabeth17 JUN 180216 SEP 1870
FIKE, Elmina Virginia29 DEC 18772 FEB 1909
FIKE, Emra Trenton26 SEP 187220 MAR 1956
FIKE, Eric Allen
FIKE, Freddie
FIKE, Gary E
FIKE, GEORGE W.9 Feb 18639 Jun 1935
FIKE, Harry26 OCT 1948
FIKE, Harry26 OCT 1948
FIKE, Hurley Wilson21 NOV 18825 OCT 1974
FIKE, IRENE MAY12 Nov 18885 Sep 1976
FIKE, Isiah12 APR 190328 MAR 1988
FIKE, Jacob14 MAR 178825 FEB 1853
FIKE, Jacob1768JUL 1841
FIKE, Jacob
FIKE, Jacob B.
FIKE, Jacob M.
FIKE, Jesse
FIKE, John26 APR 179625 OCT 1877
FIKE, John17501829
FIKE, John
FIKE, Jonathan
FIKE, Joseph28 MAR 17991879
FIKE, Kevin M.
FIKE, Laura Sue
FIKE, Laura Sue
FIKE, Lawerence Frederick23 APR 1941
FIKE, Linda18 FEB 1958
FIKE, Living
FIKE, Living
FIKE, Lorenzo Horace20 MAY 187528 NOV 1960
FIKE, Lucinda Sylvia4 JAN 1868Dec 12, 195?
FIKE, Luretha
FIKE, Lydia28 NOV 1824
FIKE, Lydia9 MAY 182913 MAR 1862
FIKE, Lydia
FIKE, Magdelene17 APR 181525 MAR 1897
FIKE, Marcellus
FIKE, Margaret1758
FIKE, Margaret Marie
FIKE, Mary13 AUG 18294 JUL 1916
FIKE, Mary1756
FIKE, Mary Jo11 May
FIKE, Matilda Jane23 JAN 186128 JAN 1956
FIKE, Moses15 JUL 183710 JUN 1934
FIKE, Nancy
FIKE, Nathan
FIKE, Olonzo Paul
FIKE, Patricia Rae
FIKE, Patrick M.
FIKE, Peter3 NOV 179428 NOV 1871
FIKE, Phineas Landis13 MAR 187012 MAY 1965
FIKE, Polly
FIKE, Samuel
FIKE, Samuel A.22 DEC 18207 MAR 1905
FIKE, Sarah Adeline04 FEB 186930 JUN 1957
FIKE, Sarah Adeline04 FEB 186930 JUN 1957
FIKE, Shannon
FIKE, Silas
FIKE, Susanne3 JUN 1819
FIKE, Tabitha Susan23 MAY 18622 OCT 1949
FIKE, Thelma (Gibe)
FIKE, Unknown
FIKE, Vallie Elizabeth7 AUG 1922FEB 1993
FIKE, Vester
FIKE, William

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