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74 Individuals with the FICK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FICK, Abraham Johannes1794
FICK, Agnes1545
FICK, Alberta Christina1797
FICK, Aletta Maria1790
FICK, Anna12 Mar 1881
FICK, Anna Catharina1737
FICK, Anna Christina1785
FICK, Anna Elizabeth26 DEC 178410 MAY 1843
FICK, Anna Geertruida17151740
FICK, Anna Sophia1731
FICK, Anna Sophia176617 NOV 1845
FICK, Anthonie1717
FICK, Anthonie1758
FICK, Antonij
FICK, Arnold
FICK, Arthur George Jr.20C.
FICK, Basil
FICK, Bernardus1732
FICK, Bette
FICK, Carline1844
FICK, Carline1844
FICK, Christiaan Zacharias1778
FICK, Christina Maria1782
FICK, Coenraad1714
FICK, Coenraad1725
FICK, Coenraad Johannes1775
FICK, ElsaAbt 1455
FICK, GelaAbt 1540
FICK, GodertBetween 1495 and 150Bef 1546
FICK, HansAbt 1510Bef 1566
FICK, HansAbt 1445Between 1496 and 149
FICK, Harry
FICK, HeineBetween 1395 and 140Bef 1461
FICK, HenchenAbt 1405
FICK, HenchenAbt 1375Abt 1445
FICK, HenchenBetween 1420 and 142Between 1498 and 149
FICK, HenrichAbt 1470Between 1534 and 154
FICK, HenrichBetween 1450 and 145Between 1513 and 151
FICK, Jacobus1784
FICK, JamesWFT Est 1863-189015 Jan 1948
FICK, Johan Melchior1741
FICK, JohannAbt 1525Bef 1566
FICK, JohannAbt 1450Between 1502 and 150
FICK, JohannaWFT Est 1821-1844WFT Est 1866-1932
FICK, Joseph R.
FICK, KatrinAbt 1500
FICK, KatrinAbt 1500
FICK, Lambert1722
FICK, LudwigAbt 1522Between 1574 and 158
FICK, Magdalena1780
FICK, Margaretha1728
FICK, Maria1720
FICK, Maria Susanna1758
FICK, Mary BenoriaABT 1876
FICK, Mary Ellen
FICK, Mary Ellen
FICK, Maryetta
FICK, Oliver
FICK, Paul A
FICK, Paul A
FICK, Paul Hendrik1776
FICK, Paulus Johannes
FICK, PeterBetween 1500 and 151Between 1553 and 155
FICK, Shirley
FICK, TilchenAbt 1425Between 1503 and 150
FICK, ToniesBetween 1445 and 1451486
FICK, TreinaAbt 1475Aft 1538
FICK, Wesley
FICK, Willis Leroy
FICK, Willis Leroy
FICK, ?Abt 1460
FICK, ?Abt 1465
FICK, ?Abt 1455

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