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37 Individuals with the FEES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FEES, Adeline1849
FEES, Beatrice
FEES, Blanche17 Mar 1894Mar 1976
FEES, Charley13 Sep 190026 Sep 1991
FEES, David15 Oct 180412 Mar 1890
FEES, EllenABT 1852
FEES, Ethel May17 Jan 189317 Nov 1957
FEES, EverettInfant
FEES, Franklin J.8 Apr 185925 Jun 1945
FEES, George1845
FEES, Henry5 Jun 18228 Jan 1909
FEES, Hiram1847
FEES, Jacob , Sr.177922 May 1857
FEES, Jacob Felix1 Mar 1840
FEES, Jacob Jesse , Jr.15 Sep 181629 Apr 1883
FEES, James1847
FEES, John1824
FEES, John Wesley1837
FEES, Josiah1839
FEES, Lartham1837
FEES, Lewis Albert1862-1865
FEES, Linda
FEES, Mary Frances
FEES, Mary LettieDec 1869
FEES, MinervaABT 1855
FEES, Nancy1803
FEES, Ora Leah4 May 188515 Aug 1941
FEES, Parthenia14 Oct 1838
FEES, Peter11 Apr 182918 Jul 1900
FEES, Sally1802
FEES, SamuelABT 1845
FEES, Samuel N.27 Jan 1814ABT 1880
FEES, Sarah "Sadie" E.23 Jan 18865 Jun 1968
FEES, Sophia Ann1843
FEES, Susan
FEES, Unice Melvina "Viney'
FEES, Wiliam1842

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