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34 Individuals with the FAES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAES, Anna CatharinaABT 1767AFT 1833
FAES, Anna MariaAFT 1833
FAES, Antonius26 MAY 1772
FAES, Catharina17 AUG 1783
FAES, CatharinaAFT 1832
FAES, Catharina
FAES, Catharina AnnaABT 1805
FAES, Elisabeth31 JAN 1908AFT 1930
FAES, Elisabeth13 FEB 1770
FAES, Franciscus24 FEB 1766
FAES, Franciscus19 SEP 185322 FEB 1877
FAES, Gerardus17 JAN 1774
FAES, Gertrudis TheresiaABT 1770AFT 1828
FAES, HenricusABT 1736AFT 1809
FAES, JacobusABT 176923 MAY 1856
FAES, Joanna Catharina17 MAR 1863AFT 1891
FAES, Joanna Maria16 DEC 1767
FAES, Joannes15 JAN 1820AFT 1863
FAES, Joannes Franciscus21 MAR 1861AFT 1889
FAES, Josephus Baptista12 AUG 1906AFT 1930
FAES, Judocus13 FEB 1795
FAES, JudocusBEF 1755
FAES, Judocus24 JUN 1795
FAES, Leonardus30 AUG 1793
FAES, Ludovica3 DEC 1911AFT 1930
FAES, Ludovicus Philippus14 DEC 1880AFT 1930
FAES, Maria ColettaABT 18309 FEB 1866
FAES, Maria Ludovica12 NOV 1868AFT 1901
FAES, Maria Philippina24 NOV 1858AFT 1930
FAES, Michael31 OCT 1778BEF 1844/1855
FAES, Petrus FranciscusABT 1818AFT 1890
FAES, Petrus JoannesABT 1866AFT 1889
FAES, Petrus Joannes18 SEP 181522 FEB 1877
FAES, Rosalia8 JAN 1849AFT 1903

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