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51 Individuals with the FAGG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
FAGG, Alan Frederick
FAGG, Andrew Lincoln7 JUL 1886WFT Est 1918-1977
FAGG, Ann1634
FAGG, Ann1634
FAGG, Ann181920 APR 1900
FAGG, Bessie Ann15 OCT 1894
FAGG, Bessie AnnABOUT 1900
FAGG, Clarence Poe31 AUG 1922
FAGG, Dorothy M.
FAGG, Elizabeth1633
FAGG, Elizabeth1633
FAGG, Elizabeth5 OCT 183610 OCT 1909
FAGG, Emeline (Emily)ABT 1815AFT 1864
FAGG, Emmerene Emma18 NOV 1933
FAGG, Fred
FAGG, Freddie Andrew6 JUN 189028 APR 1894
FAGG, Gladys Evon BonnieAbt 1929Abt 1941
FAGG, James Mastin10 APR 18678 SEP 1939
FAGG, Jean
FAGG, John
FAGG, John A.NOV 1837
FAGG, JosephABT 1629
FAGG, JosephABT 1629
FAGG, Lemly JamesAbt 1902Abt 1966
FAGG, Lilian Mary
FAGG, Lillian Doris1 OCT 190728 DEC 1974
FAGG, Louisa Emma1877
FAGG, Lucille Agnes21 JUN 1926
FAGG, Mariah Rebecca (Becky)1836Bef 1885
FAGG, Mary1802
FAGG, Mary182417 APR 1897
FAGG, Mary Myrtle16 MAY 189723 JUL 1962
FAGG, Matthew
FAGG, Orsa
FAGG, Rachel MatildaAbt 1844
FAGG, RichardABT 1603
FAGG, RichardABT 1603
FAGG, Ronald Walter
FAGG, Sarah30 JUL 18001 MAY 1880
FAGG, Sarah Jane7 MAR 18746 AUG 1940
FAGG, StephenABT 1628
FAGG, StephenABT 1628
FAGG, unnamed28 MAR 190228 MAR 1902
FAGG, Vivianne Ann
FAGG, Walter FrederickABT 1888
FAGG, William

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