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35 Individuals with the SKOV Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SKOV, Alan4 DEC 1963
SKOV, Allan24 JAN 1970
SKOV, Anders Christian Hansen30 Jan 18322 Dec 1927
SKOV, Andreas Hansen9 Jun 185917 Mar 1913
SKOV, Ane Kristine
SKOV, Anna
SKOV, Augusta MarieABT. 1879UNKNOWN
SKOV, Bærild Andersen4 Dec 1866UNKNOWN
SKOV, Christian Andersen14 Jul 1862UNKNOWN
SKOV, Claus15 SEP 1965
SKOV, Ejner Søren
SKOV, Eline MargretheABT. 1873UNKNOWN
SKOV, Elly Kathrine16 FEB 1930
SKOV, Hans Andersen27 Aug 1861UNKNOWN
SKOV, Hans Andersen13 Feb 1803AFT 1855
SKOV, Hans Kristian12 Dec 186710 Oct 1895
SKOV, Henrich Andersen31 Jul 181916 Jan 1882
SKOV, Herman Adolf OIsen11 Aug 18639 Oct 1884
SKOV, Inger Margrethe13 MAR 1933
SKOV, Jørgine Birgitte25 Jul 1836
SKOV, JØRGEN ANDERSEN5 Apr 180529 Mar 1874
SKOV, Julie Andrea ChristineABT. 1875UNKNOWN
SKOV, Karen Eleonora5 NOV 1942
SKOV, Kim1 JUL 1960
SKOV, Klara Martine18 APR 1914
SKOV, Magda Sørine24 JUL 1909
SKOV, Magnus21 MAY 1912
SKOV, Marie Caroline7 Jul 1864UNKNOWN
SKOV, Martin19 SEP 187817 MAY 1939
SKOV, Niels Jørn27 MAY 1941
SKOV, Ole Hansen9 Oct 18161894
SKOV, Oline Augusta22 Aug 185628 Jun 1907
SKOV, Preben30 OCT 1944
SKOV, Søren Anton30 DEC 1903

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