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146 Individuals with the SHOUP Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SHOUP, Abram O.
SHOUP, Amanda4 Apr 184222 Feb 1860
SHOUP, Amanda Alice1854
SHOUP, Anna M1860
SHOUP, Anna MaryAbt 1773
SHOUP, Arthur A1873
SHOUP, Barbara
SHOUP, Barbara
SHOUP, Barbara Jane
SHOUP, Barbara Jane
SHOUP, Carl E.
SHOUP, Carl Mckinley31 Oct 189423 Jun 1960
SHOUP, Caroline J1844
SHOUP, Catharine13 Feb 1757
SHOUP, Catharine20 Jul 18341908
SHOUP, Catherine17 Sep 18202 Jan 1899
SHOUP, Catherine13 Jul 18487 Jan 1874
SHOUP, Charles
SHOUP, Charlotte2 Apr 181925 Jan 1874
SHOUP, ChristianJan 176226 Jul 1790
SHOUP, Clara Elizabeth
SHOUP, Clarence F8 Feb 1886
SHOUP, Clarissa
SHOUP, CorneliusNov 1859
SHOUP, Daniel
SHOUP, Daniel E1857
SHOUP, Daniel L7 Nov 17953 May 1855
SHOUP, Daniel Moses10 Sep 18229 Mar 1911
SHOUP, DavidAbt 1800Abt 1833
SHOUP, Destiny26 JUN 1995
SHOUP, Eda Ellen23 Jun 188426 Sep 1964
SHOUP, Edna May27 Sep 1896Sep 1983
SHOUP, Elizabeth9 Mar 1760
SHOUP, Elizabeth8 Dec 18034 Jan 1880
SHOUP, Elizabeth13 Jan 1900
SHOUP, Elizabeth (wife of Daniel L)182520 Jan 1855
SHOUP, Ella1855
SHOUP, Elma1863
SHOUP, Emanuel2 Oct 180410 Feb 1866
SHOUP, Ephrain
SHOUP, Ephriam1847
SHOUP, George1788
SHOUP, George Grove10 Nov 18107 Jul 1853
SHOUP, George Henry29 Apr 176313 Apr 1765
SHOUP, Grace
SHOUP, Hans GeorgeAbt 1734Bef 1761
SHOUP, Harriet
SHOUP, Helen Catherine (10)
SHOUP, Helen Catherine (10)
SHOUP, Henry
SHOUP, Henry13 Apr 17671850
SHOUP, HenryAbt 1738
SHOUP, Henry J.14 Jun 184210 Feb 1907
SHOUP, Henry John24 Jun 181716 Mar 1899
SHOUP, Ida May (10)
SHOUP, Ida May (10)
SHOUP, Ina Alletha11 Nov 18828 Jan 1926
SHOUP, Isabell1852
SHOUP, Jacob31 Aug 1844
SHOUP, James
SHOUP, James Conwell
SHOUP, JaneABT 1932
SHOUP, Janet
SHOUP, Jessey1865
SHOUP, Joel Ohio24 Sep 1806Nov 1862
SHOUP, Johann George12 Feb 17558 Oct 1812
SHOUP, JohnAbt 1736
SHOUP, John W.
SHOUP, John William18 Sep 189821 Feb 1914
SHOUP, Joseph Miles
SHOUP, Julia (wife of Daniel L)179918 Mar 1822
SHOUP, Kayla26 JUN 1995
SHOUP, LeviWFT Est 1826-1861WFT Est 1852-1940
SHOUP, Lewis (Louis) Henry20 Mar 189013 Oct 1979
SHOUP, Lorraine12 SEP 192013 JUN 1935
SHOUP, Magdalina22 Jul 181225 Jan 1834
SHOUP, Marcia
SHOUP, Marcus1867
SHOUP, Martha
SHOUP, Martha M1849
SHOUP, Martin20 Apr 1769
SHOUP, Martin13 Oct 180030 Apr 1802
SHOUP, Marvin Leroy1 JUL 1927
SHOUP, Mary1795
SHOUP, Mary18 Sep 18102 Feb 1896
SHOUP, Mary18 Feb 179417 Aug 1817
SHOUP, Mary AnnNOV 1865
SHOUP, Mary Ann
SHOUP, Mary E1843
SHOUP, Mary Geneviea17 Apr 1900Bef 1995
SHOUP, Mary M.1839
SHOUP, MatthiasAbt 1740
SHOUP, Maurice
SHOUP, MorrisAft 1791
SHOUP, Moses25 Sep 181413 Jan 1891
SHOUP, Moses George1 Oct 17937 May 1880
SHOUP, Nancy
SHOUP, Olive1869
SHOUP, Paul (10)TWIN
SHOUP, Paul (10)TWIN
SHOUP, Pauline (10)TWIN
SHOUP, Pauline (10)TWIN
SHOUP, Pearl Etta15 Sep 189126 Feb 1952
SHOUP, Peter8 Jul 1758
SHOUP, Rebecca23 APR 183418 APR 1890
SHOUP, Rebecca
SHOUP, Rebecca Ann1840wd 15 Dec 1902
SHOUP, Rhea Faye
SHOUP, Robert
SHOUP, Robert C
SHOUP, Robert Glen15 JUL 194122 SEP 1993
SHOUP, Roy Milton17 Sep 188726 Mar 1963
SHOUP, Russel
SHOUP, Ruth (10)
SHOUP, Ruth (10)
SHOUP, Ruthanna
SHOUP, Samuel11 Oct 177118 Jul 1812
SHOUP, Samuel7 Sep 17987 Apr 1867
SHOUP, Samuel Basthol24 Aug 182123 Oct 1884
SHOUP, Sarah
SHOUP, Sarah H1847
SHOUP, Scott
SHOUP, Soffia12 Apr 1765
SHOUP, Solomon16 Jul 178913 Apr 1834
SHOUP, Solomon24 Sep 182423 Oct 1884
SHOUP, Solomon F.1856
SHOUP, Sophie22 Feb 17972 Feb 1834
SHOUP, SusanABT 1808
SHOUP, SusanABT 1808
SHOUP, Victor Glen12 JAN 1906MAR 1978
SHOUP, Wiley Sexton (10)
SHOUP, Wiley Sexton (10)
SHOUP, William1879
SHOUP, William1879
SHOUP, WilliamABT 1813ABT 1844
SHOUP, William
SHOUP, William HenryNov 1849
SHOUP, William K
SHOUP, William Lanthus19 Feb 185312 Mar 1928
SHOUP, William Martin6 Mar 183114 Oct 1833

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