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78 Individuals with the SCOBEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SCOBEY, A.N. Jr.1860WFT Est. 1861-1950
SCOBEY, Alexander JamesPrivate
SCOBEY, Angie1888WFT Est. 1889-1982
SCOBEY, Anna Inez5 JUL 188110 JUL 1965
SCOBEY, Bernice
SCOBEY, Charles Lee15 APR 187726 MAR 1936
SCOBEY, Charline
SCOBEY, Columbus1859WFT Est. 1860-1949
SCOBEY, Columbus Green18671936
SCOBEY, Constantina Annette
SCOBEY, Cora I.ABT 1858
SCOBEY, Daniel1832
SCOBEY, David Jasper1843WFT Est. 1862-1934
SCOBEY, Donald Norvell
SCOBEY, Dora S.1874WFT Est. 1875-1968
SCOBEY, Edna May
SCOBEY, Elizabeth
SCOBEY, ElizabethABT 1837
SCOBEY, Elizabeth Charity18441933
SCOBEY, Emma Ethel20 MAR 189120 NOV 1982
SCOBEY, Fatima EllenABT 1842
SCOBEY, Frances
SCOBEY, Francis A.1836WFT Est. 1876-1931
SCOBEY, FranklinPrivate
SCOBEY, George Norvell18711897
SCOBEY, Georgie Lee
SCOBEY, Harvey L.18001880
SCOBEY, Harvey L. Jr.18381917
SCOBEY, Henry Eugene27 DEC 187119 MAY 1941
SCOBEY, Howard
SCOBEY, Isabella J.ABT 1839
SCOBEY, Jennifer SuzannePrivate
SCOBEY, John1834
SCOBEY, John18 APR 18001884
SCOBEY, John Campbell Martin9 OCT 18463 MAR 1916
SCOBEY, John Newton
SCOBEY, John Price16 AUG 187529 MAY 1951
SCOBEY, Joseph Hamilton Davis2 OCT 181510 DEC 1880
SCOBEY, Joseph L.17751849
SCOBEY, Joseph L.1849BET. 1875 - 1940
SCOBEY, Joseph Woodbury23 JAN 1826
SCOBEY, Josephine
SCOBEY, L.V.1840WFT Est. 1841-1930
SCOBEY, Leander1830
SCOBEY, Lenora1890WFT Est. 1891-1984
SCOBEY, Living
SCOBEY, Lois1897WFT Est. 1915-1991
SCOBEY, Lydia1894WFT Est. 1895-1988
SCOBEY, M.L.1841WFT Est. 1842-1931
SCOBEY, Margaret
SCOBEY, Margaret J.ABT 1852
SCOBEY, Mary Ellen3 JUN 1886DEC 1982
SCOBEY, Mary Polly1815BEF. 1910
SCOBEY, Matthew C.18091872
SCOBEY, Mattie Ila8 FEB 188431 AUG 1958
SCOBEY, McCullough
SCOBEY, Narvel Owen
SCOBEY, Ozella Y.18741890
SCOBEY, Philomelia Sophia1828
SCOBEY, Richard LeonPrivate
SCOBEY, Robert
SCOBEY, Robert E.ABT 1844ABT 1864
SCOBEY, Robert Hamilton10 SEP 18733 NOV 1954
SCOBEY, Susan S.ABT 1849
SCOBEY, Thressa May1869WFT Est. 1870-1963
SCOBEY, Travis Bond30 MAR 187927 APR 1928
SCOBEY, William1867WFT Est. 1868-1957
SCOBEY, William Fred20 NOV 188820 APR 1942
SCOBEY, William L.1840BEF. 1930
SCOBEY, William Norvell18941964
SCOBEY, William W.1835WFT Est. 1877-1926

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