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72 Individuals with the SKIFF Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SKIFF, Abigail1666
SKIFF, Abigail1666
SKIFF, Abigail22 MAY 1666
SKIFF, Abigail22 MAY 1666
SKIFF, Alanson B.20 MAR 18081886
SKIFF, Amity D.4 MAY 180127 MAR 1889
SKIFF, Ann Adaline or Amity4 MAY 1801
SKIFF, Bathseba16481714
SKIFF, BathshebaABT 1648
SKIFF, BATHSHEBA11 May 17641838
SKIFF, Bathsheba26 APR 164813 MAY 1714
SKIFF, Benjamin
SKIFF, Benjamin
SKIFF, Benjamin1655
SKIFF, Charles20 APR 183110 APR 1908
SKIFF, Deborah24 JUL 1668
SKIFF, Deborah1668
SKIFF, Deborah24 JUL 1668
SKIFF, EdithNOV 1870BEF 1970
SKIFF, Edmund M.18271900
SKIFF, Elizabeth27 MAR 1729
SKIFF, Elizabeth27 Mar 17291790
SKIFF, Elizabeth
SKIFF, Emma1844
SKIFF, George L.ABT 1844ABT 1875
SKIFF, HannahABT 169222 Aug 1775
SKIFF, Harlene B.18356 FEB 1845
SKIFF, James16121688
SKIFF, JamesABT 1610
SKIFF, James12 Sep 16381719
SKIFF, James16381724
SKIFF, Joseph17171812
SKIFF, Mary1671
SKIFF, Mary16501690
SKIFF, Mary13 NOV 167112 MAR 1711
SKIFF, Mary20 Jul 161721 Sep 1673
SKIFF, Mary (Shiff)13 Nov 167112 Mar 1711
SKIFF, Mary Getrude30 OCT 18711945
SKIFF, Maryetta (Marietta) A.7 JUN 183212 FEB 1916
SKIFF, Mattie L.21 JUN 1868
SKIFF, Mercy13 NOV 1671
SKIFF, Mercy13 Nov 167112 Mar 1711
SKIFF, Mercy13 NOV 1671
SKIFF, Miriam1652
SKIFF, Nathan15 MAR 165812 FEB 1726
SKIFF, Nathan1658
SKIFF, Nathaniel169323 MAR 1761
SKIFF, Nathaniel
SKIFF, Nathaniel16451723
SKIFF, NathanielABT 1670
SKIFF, Nathaniel
SKIFF, Nathniel
SKIFF, Patience16531718
SKIFF, Rhoda Butts15 JUN 1848
SKIFF, Richard15861677
SKIFF, Roger Mills15 JUN 18402 MAY 1927
SKIFF, Sally1966
SKIFF, SarahABT 167724 Aug 1732
SKIFF, SarahABT 1672
SKIFF, Sarah16461740
SKIFF, Stephen4 Feb 1685
SKIFF, Stephen16411710
SKIFF, Stephen1685
SKIFF, StephenABT 16685 Nov 1988
SKIFF, Stephen
SKIFF, Stephen14 APR 1641
SKIFF, Stephen4 FEB 1685
SKIFF, Stephen14 APR 1641
SKIFF, Stephen4 FEB 1685
SKIFF, Sullivan
SKIFF, William H.16 APR 1805

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