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155 Individuals with the ROYER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROYER, Adelard
ROYER, Alexandra
ROYER, Alphonse
ROYER, Alvena9 JUL 188222 APR 1963
ROYER, Anna TheresaPrivate
ROYER, Anne19 SEP 1735
ROYER, Antoine
ROYER, Athanase
ROYER, Athanase
ROYER, Aurore
ROYER, Baptiste
ROYER, Barbara
ROYER, Beatrice
ROYER, Bertha
ROYER, BlanchPrivate
ROYER, Blanche
ROYER, Bruce
ROYER, Bryan
ROYER, Burton Paul09 JAN 1948
ROYER, Carl Bruce23 OCT 1947
ROYER, Catharine17 NOV 1794
ROYER, Catherine18041869
ROYER, Catherine21 Feb 179728 Sep 1867
ROYER, CecilABT 1920
ROYER, CeciliaWFT Est. 1873-1899WFT Est. 1879-1982
ROYER, Charles
ROYER, Charles
ROYER, Christain23 OCT 178710 AUG 1864
ROYER, Christel Mae17 MAY 1945
ROYER, Christian17491814
ROYER, ClaraEST 1860
ROYER, Claude Amile08 FEB 195701 NOV 1975
ROYER, ClementWFT Est. 1873-1899WFT Est. 1879-1979
ROYER, Cleo Clevland23 FEB 1888
ROYER, Colombe
ROYER, Daniel10 JUN 1807
ROYER, DanielEST 1863
ROYER, Darlene
ROYER, David1 FEB 1804
ROYER, Delphine
ROYER, Don Edward
ROYER, Dwayne J.2 DEC 1918
ROYER, ElisabethWFT Est. 1643-1676WFT Est. 1701-1764
ROYER, Elisabeth
ROYER, Elizabeth18111890
ROYER, Elizabeth20 FEB 1791
ROYER, Elizabeth1803
ROYER, Elizabeth28 FEB 18211 MAR 1887
ROYER, Elizabeth Blocherc178020 SEP 1855
ROYER, Emilia
ROYER, Ephraim1833
ROYER, Eugene Charles
ROYER, Fortunat
ROYER, Frances Mary08 OCT 1950
ROYER, Gerard
ROYER, Gregory Charles
ROYER, Harold
ROYER, Harold "Butch"
ROYER, Harvey
ROYER, HectorWFT Est. 1873-1899WFT Est. 1879-1979
ROYER, Henriette
ROYER, Henriette
ROYER, Howell ClarkPrivate
ROYER, Hypolite26 Sep 1851WFT Est. 1882-1942
ROYER, Imelda
ROYER, J. Herman4 OCT 1916
ROYER, Jacob1849
ROYER, Jacob10 Nov 180526 Dec 1862
ROYER, James22 JAN 1946
ROYER, JamesBaptised Aug 6, 1750Buried Sep 12, 1750
ROYER, James Dean2 SEP 1946
ROYER, JeanABT. 1636ABT. 1675
ROYER, JeanWFT Est. 1769-1814WFT Est. 1806-1895
ROYER, JeanWFT Est. 1806-1838WFT Est. 1863-1925
ROYER, JeanWFT Est. 1800-1829WFT Est. 1854-1914
ROYER, Jean Paul
ROYER, Jean SolomonWFT Est. 1873-1899WFT Est. 1879-1979
ROYER, Jeannette
ROYER, Joan Doris4 FEB 194424 FEB 1948
ROYER, John17741846
ROYER, JohnChristened Jan 16, 1
ROYER, John7 AUG 1800
ROYER, John1721
ROYER, John1839
ROYER, John24 NOV 176524 JUL 1839
ROYER, John D.
ROYER, Jonas1836
ROYER, Jonas Abraham
ROYER, Joseph
ROYER, Judy23 JUN 1944
ROYER, Justin
ROYER, Kimberly Anne
ROYER, Lana Marie
ROYER, Laura1866
ROYER, Leah1842
ROYER, Lenita Marie
ROYER, Leo Paul Amile08 FEB 191817 APR 2005
ROYER, Leon-Omer
ROYER, Living
ROYER, Living
ROYER, Louis176922 OCT 1823
ROYER, Louise Yvonne
ROYER, Lucienne
ROYER, M.-Ange
ROYER, Madelaine
ROYER, Magdalena
ROYER, Marguerite
ROYER, Maria5 JUN 1776
ROYER, Maria14 MAY 1797
ROYER, MarieWFT Est. 1873-1899WFT Est. 1895-1982
ROYER, Marie23-07-191020-06-1987
ROYER, Marie-Louise
ROYER, Mark Levi
ROYER, Mary19 MAR 18142 APR 1890
ROYER, Mary1837
ROYER, Mary01 FEB 1949
ROYER, Maurice
ROYER, MayAbt 1868
ROYER, Peggy22 FEB 1955
ROYER, Peter1 JAN 1740
ROYER, Peter14 SEP 1764
ROYER, Philippe
ROYER, Phyllis Eileen
ROYER, Pierre (Peter)
ROYER, Pierre (Peter)Bef 1780
ROYER, Rebecca7 NOV 1757
ROYER, Renee
ROYER, ReneeABT. 1577
ROYER, Renee
ROYER, Richard24 OCT 1755
ROYER, Rosalie
ROYER, Samuel
ROYER, Sarah25 Oct 1901
ROYER, Sarah25 Oct 1901
ROYER, Seth23 NOV 1814
ROYER, Susannah
ROYER, Thâeodore
ROYER, William1852
ROYER, William10 OCT 1747
ROYER, William MayhewPrivate
ROYER, William Mayhew , Jr.Private

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