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42 Individuals with the ROOU Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROOU, Arndolph
ROOU, Benhard
ROOU, Brian Michael
ROOU, Charles Lewis10 JAN 193423 JUL 1993
ROOU, Charles Nicholas30 SEP 190628 JUL 1968
ROOU, Chrissie Mae
ROOU, David Allen
ROOU, Donna1934
ROOU, Edna
ROOU, Edna26 MAY 1912
ROOU, Eric Turner
ROOU, Erin Tangney9 JUL 1997
ROOU, Foster Eggum25 OCT 191523 AUG 1999
ROOU, Gary
ROOU, Gerald Spencer30 MAR 1937
ROOU, Jayne A.22 JUN 1965
ROOU, Jean
ROOU, John Charles
ROOU, John Michael25 JUL 1939
ROOU, John Seamus9 JUL 1997
ROOU, Judith Allene
ROOU, Larry S.1937
ROOU, Lucille Lillian30 MAR 1905
ROOU, Margaret Jean14 APR 1922
ROOU, Margaret Jo O'Connell9 APR 2001
ROOU, Marie Myrtle13 SEP 1919
ROOU, Mark Bartlemay
ROOU, Mary
ROOU, Mary Beth19 JAN 1971
ROOU, Nancy
ROOU, Nicholas Olson
ROOU, Nicole Jean
ROOU, Nina Thressa
ROOU, Oscar William14 OCT 187824 AUG 1966
ROOU, Phillip Keith
ROOU, Richard
ROOU, Russell William2 OCT 19079 MAR 1969
ROOU, Sandra
ROOU, Spencer Howard26 JUN 190617 JAN 1995
ROOU, Stanley Benhart24 APR 1909
ROOU, Susan
ROOU, Zoe Madeline9 APR 1996

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