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36 Individuals with the ROW Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROW, Allen
ROW, Clark
ROW, Deborah Ellen18 NOV 1965
ROW, Dora
ROW, Elizabeth16 DEC 1787
ROW, Frances
ROW, Frances
ROW, Frances
ROW, Frances
ROW, George C.1 Mar 188227 Mar 1959
ROW, Grace
ROW, Jane
ROW, JephthahAbt 1890
ROW, JephthahABT 186518 JUL 1894
ROW, Jess
ROW, JoanABT 1699
ROW, John
ROW, John David20 DEC 1726
ROW, John David20 DEC 1726
ROW, Joseph
ROW, Joseph
ROW, Justine Margaret
ROW, Lincoln12 SEP 186123 NOV 1945
ROW, Lisa Marie1 DEC 1963
ROW, MargaretABT 1810
ROW, Rhoda Lodeska "Dee"30 Oct 186415 Oct 1952
ROW, Rose Violet10-APR-189000-JUL-1978
ROW, Ruth<1723>
ROW, Ruth3 SEP 1722
ROW, Seth
ROW, Thomas5 MAR 1786
ROW, Thomas
ROW, Thomas Daniel18 JUN 1921
ROW, William17 APR 1791
ROW, William29 NOV 1789
ROW, William20 Jul 1755

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