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96 Individuals with the RYE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RYE, 4 children
RYE, Agnes1869
RYE, Amanda Ann19 APR 187316 SEP 1931
RYE, Angelina Ross28 Feb 186912 May 1946
RYE, Ann1626
RYE, Ann1729
RYE, Ann Elizabeth
RYE, Annie16 NOV 188829 AUG 1911
RYE, Annie21 Oct 18875 Aug 1950
RYE, Annie27 Oct 18875 Aug 1950
RYE, Annie21 Oct 18875 Aug 1950
RYE, Annie Maude
RYE, Belle Zora13 MAR 18833 NOV 1950
RYE, Benjamin
RYE, Bertha F.?? ??? 1883
RYE, Brian
RYE, Brian
RYE, Bruce30 MAY 2001
RYE, Bruce30 MAY 2001
RYE, Charles Wayne20 MAY 19358 AUG 1995
RYE, Charlie2 Feb 1926
RYE, Clarence Herbert4 Jan 1896
RYE, Delbert1898-19001898-1900
RYE, Delphia Ann8 Jul 187816 Aug 1957
RYE, Edward
RYE, Edward Elisha1865
RYE, Edwin Eijah6 Nov 18648 Aug 1938
RYE, Elise
RYE, Elise
RYE, Eliza A.1842
RYE, Ethel M1884
RYE, Ethel May1883
RYE, Eudo De
RYE, Grace
RYE, Grace
RYE, Henry
RYE, Henry C.1807
RYE, Henry C. , Jr.7 Jan 183427 Jan 1914
RYE, Herman
RYE, J. H.
RYE, James F.11 Jun 183627 Feb 1875
RYE, James R.1826
RYE, Jewel Wayne22 Aug 189823 May 1979
RYE, John Robert
RYE, Johnny
RYE, Jordan M.1848
RYE, Katherine De WyhomABT 1354
RYE, Katherine DeWyhom1330
RYE, Larry
RYE, Lavina T.1850
RYE, Leslie Thomas
RYE, Lianne
RYE, Lida
RYE, Lisa Kay
RYE, Lynne Michelle2 SEP 1973
RYE, Mabel
RYE, Mae
RYE, Manie
RYE, Margaret de1075
RYE, Margie Irene? ___ 1909
RYE, Martha Amy1861
RYE, Martha Jane2 Mar 184511 Jul 1917
RYE, Mary
RYE, Mary
RYE, Mary Jane18611923
RYE, Mary Jane18611923
RYE, May Elizabeth1862
RYE, Mollie Olivia31 Aug 188718 Jul 1940
RYE, Nancy Ann1853
RYE, Newt
RYE, Newton Ewing12 Apr 18674 Jan 1939
RYE, OrbreyAFT. 190011 Jun 1906
RYE, Pamelia Ann24 Nov 182112 Apr 1904
RYE, Philidelphia12 JUN 176700 MAR 1824
RYE, Robert Hill3 Jul 189310 Sep 1963
RYE, Ronnie
RYE, Ronnie
RYE, Sallie1867
RYE, Sarah J.1850
RYE, Sheila
RYE, Sheila
RYE, Stephen
RYE, Susan
RYE, Susan
RYE, Thomas Hartwell182924 May 1903
RYE, Timothy Martin
RYE, Vernie
RYE, Vernie
RYE, Washington
RYE, Wayne1869
RYE, William Hartwell28 Oct 1902
RYE, ?

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