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1881 Individuals with the PRUITT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PRUITT, AaronABT. 1838
PRUITT, Aaron PooleNOV 1866
PRUITT, Abagail Jane3 JUN 18229 NOV 1890
PRUITT, Abi1849
PRUITT, Abijah E. "Beige"27 OCT 1869
PRUITT, Abraham178720 OCT 1856
PRUITT, Abraham30 MAY 184826 MAR 1899
PRUITT, Abraham
PRUITT, Abraham1774AFT 1830
PRUITT, Abraham SJUL 185229 OCT 1854
PRUITT, Abram Jefferson10 FEB 1850
PRUITT, Adaline1859
PRUITT, Adecia Martin
PRUITT, Adecia Martin24 MAR 1826
PRUITT, Adeline18611861
PRUITT, Adenston182030 MAY 1859
PRUITT, Adenston1780
PRUITT, Agness
PRUITT, Albert Bruce14 MAY 1943
PRUITT, Albert Foster30 MAR 1910
PRUITT, Albert Webb2 FEB 1872
PRUITT, Alexander17551 JUL 1821
PRUITT, Alexander27 OCT 18691939
PRUITT, Alexander14 APR 179416 SEP 1867
PRUITT, Alexander18111858
PRUITT, Alexander MMAY 1844
PRUITT, Alfred18131886
PRUITT, Alice13 JUN 1877
PRUITT, Alice14 MAR 186427 FEB 1903
PRUITT, Alice Elizabeth1860
PRUITT, Alice Victoria
PRUITT, Allen Gano
PRUITT, Allen Ray
PRUITT, Allen Wayne23 JAN 1953
PRUITT, Allen Wayne23 JAN 1953
PRUITT, Allison Taylor
PRUITT, Almarinda
PRUITT, Almedia1834
PRUITT, Alonzo Greer4 APR 1839
PRUITT, Althea1845
PRUITT, Althea1844
PRUITT, Alton WABT 18881948
PRUITT, Alva A20 NOV 184626 DEC 1925
PRUITT, Amanda
PRUITT, Amanda10 OCT 18495 MAY 1905
PRUITT, Amanda C25 DEC 1874JAN 1911
PRUITT, Amanda H1836
PRUITT, Amanda Weeks24 NOV 183515 JAN 1883
PRUITT, Amarintha
PRUITT, Amber Rhiannon15 DEC 1982
PRUITT, Amber Rhiannon15 DEC 1982
PRUITT, Americus1843
PRUITT, Amy1873
PRUITT, Anderson1819
PRUITT, Andrew1804ABT 1868
PRUITT, Andrew1694BEF 1763
PRUITT, Andrew1849
PRUITT, Andrew J1833
PRUITT, Andrew Jackson1850
PRUITT, Andrew Jackson
PRUITT, Andrew Jackson7 SEP 183421 MAR 1903
PRUITT, Ann1841
PRUITT, Ann1847
PRUITT, Ann1742
PRUITT, Ann1844
PRUITT, Ann1852
PRUITT, Anna16 APR 18911933
PRUITT, Anna1833
PRUITT, Anna1853
PRUITT, Anna Crow31 JUL 1821
PRUITT, Anna Jane2 AUG 188126 OCT 1964
PRUITT, Anna L1857
PRUITT, Anna Marie15 Oct 1947
PRUITT, Anna Marie
PRUITT, Anna Susan18 JUN 1898MAR 1957
PRUITT, Anne178318 AUG 1834
PRUITT, Anney29 NOV 17791779
PRUITT, Annie Laurie10 APR 1875
PRUITT, Ansel BeddingtonDEC 1800DEC 1870
PRUITT, Ansol1819
PRUITT, Ansolom (Absalom)24 AUG 179518 MAR 1848
PRUITT, Anthony T25 OCT 18109 FEB 1864
PRUITT, April17 JUN 195420 MAY 1992
PRUITT, Arabelle1839
PRUITT, Archibald2 FEB 1831
PRUITT, ArnoldPrivate
PRUITT, Arvil29 Jan 19297 Apr 1931
PRUITT, Arvissus1825
PRUITT, Asenath Louise
PRUITT, Ashley Nicole
PRUITT, Augustin1843
PRUITT, Augustin
PRUITT, Austin1782AFT 1808
PRUITT, Austin AnslemABT 1780AFT 1850
PRUITT, Barbara Allen29 DEC 1870
PRUITT, Barbara Ann18 Oct 1958
PRUITT, Barbara Jackson
PRUITT, Barbara Maxine27 JUL 1943
PRUITT, Barbara Maxine27 JUL 1943
PRUITT, Belinda Ann1848
PRUITT, Belle1839
PRUITT, Belva6 MAR 1954
PRUITT, Benjamin1742
PRUITT, Benjamin1832
PRUITT, Benjamin1765
PRUITT, Benjamin Ernest23 DEC 186511 SEP 1905
PRUITT, Benjamin Franklin1842
PRUITT, Benjamin Franklin3 JAN 183311 OCT 1906
PRUITT, Benjamin Gay7 MAR 186016 MAR 1889
PRUITT, Benjamin Mosby1849
PRUITT, Bennett Wilbourne1877
PRUITT, Berry Crutchfield1825
PRUITT, Berryman Bryan1 NOV 181123 SEP 1844
PRUITT, Bertha
PRUITT, Bertha Jane1878
PRUITT, Bertie Estilena1877
PRUITT, Bessie18921984
PRUITT, Bethel14 DEC 1938
PRUITT, Bethel14 DEC 1938
PRUITT, Beulah Doris22 Aug 1923
PRUITT, Beverly14 NOV 177721 MAR 1851
PRUITT, Beverly17819 DEC 1855
PRUITT, Bidsey6 MAY 185229 AUG 1932
PRUITT, Billy Howard1948
PRUITT, Billy Howard1948
PRUITT, Blanche1879
PRUITT, Blanche
PRUITT, Bland6 FEB 190825 OCT 1966
PRUITT, Bloyd15 JUL 190729 AUG 1961
PRUITT, Bloyd Jr.1929
PRUITT, Bonnie
PRUITT, Bright182027 DEC 1858
PRUITT, Bright9 JUN 177013 FEB 1836
PRUITT, Bright182027 DEC 1858
PRUITT, Bunkle1845
PRUITT, Burgess (Burgas)26 NOV 1783
PRUITT, Burrell Eaves1819
PRUITT, Byrd20 MAY 1803AFT 1880
PRUITT, Byrd18061855
PRUITT, Byrd17531833
PRUITT, Byrd1784AFT 1830
PRUITT, C Lossaviene18 SEP 185429 MAR 1914
PRUITT, C.1804
PRUITT, Caldonia30 MAY 184913 DEC 1920
PRUITT, Calvin1847
PRUITT, Camelia23 FEB 1845
PRUITT, Candice13 MAR 18473 AUG 1872
PRUITT, Candis Kay
PRUITT, Caroline
PRUITT, Carrie Viola30 Oct 190524 Nov 1989
PRUITT, Carroll W1822
PRUITT, Carry Ann1868
PRUITT, Carson1820
PRUITT, Carson Floyd20 MAY 1875
PRUITT, Carson Wilburn12 JUN 181915 AUG 1904
PRUITT, Cassie
PRUITT, Catherine1838
PRUITT, Catherine
PRUITT, Catherine1838
PRUITT, Catherine C1 JUN 1816
PRUITT, Catherine J
PRUITT, Catherine McLeod6 MAY 183515 JAN 1908
PRUITT, Charity
PRUITT, Charity Frances
PRUITT, Charles1781ABT 1850
PRUITT, Charles1830
PRUITT, Charles1757
PRUITT, Charles
PRUITT, CharlesABT 18911910
PRUITT, Charles "Tag"18831945
PRUITT, Charles Dillard17 APR 187013 JAN 1941
PRUITT, Charles Edward1 OCT 1881
PRUITT, Charles L1824NOV 1860
PRUITT, Charles Paul11 FEB 18721964
PRUITT, Charles Perry
PRUITT, Charles William19 MAY 191611 OCT 1969
PRUITT, Charlie
PRUITT, Charlotte1839
PRUITT, Charlotte E1877
PRUITT, Cherlynn Ann
PRUITT, Chester U
PRUITT, Christiana15 OCT 179815 OCT 1851
PRUITT, Christie
PRUITT, Christopher Anderson1 MAY 1884
PRUITT, Christopher Lee11 JAN 1979
PRUITT, Cicero C20 NOV 185625 MAR 1918
PRUITT, Cicero Washington31 JAN 1857
PRUITT, Cindy2 Jan 1972
PRUITT, Clair1901
PRUITT, Clara (Lambright)
PRUITT, Clara Lambright
PRUITT, Clara Lambright
PRUITT, Clara Mae31 MAR 1900
PRUITT, Clarence Madison15 APR 1886
PRUITT, Clarence Martin30 JAN 189813 AUG 1968
PRUITT, Clarenda1845
PRUITT, Clary1840
PRUITT, Claud M18721944
PRUITT, Claude Simon30 JAN 189827 MAR 1898
PRUITT, Clement Walter26 FEB 1802
PRUITT, Cletiuse Elmo18 FEB 190811 MAY 1980
PRUITT, Clifton
PRUITT, Cline Eugene7 Aug 1932
PRUITT, Clyde28 SEP 1889
PRUITT, Coleman15 SEP 1790ABT 1865
PRUITT, ConstantMAY 180114 MAR 1890
PRUITT, Corinne MooreABT 1864
PRUITT, Cornelia18921931
PRUITT, Coy Carlisle30 MAR 19011919
PRUITT, Creed Taylor
PRUITT, Cursey Carolina4 JAN 18242 JAN 1827
PRUITT, D Lee1840
PRUITT, Dabney C
PRUITT, Daniel4 NOV 180111 JUN 1851
PRUITT, Daniel1766ABT 1850
PRUITT, Daniel1795
PRUITT, Daniel6 MAY 1700AUG 1755
PRUITT, Daniel18327 AUG 1878
PRUITT, Daniel B1834
PRUITT, Daniel Edward1 Nov 1927
PRUITT, Daniel M1824
PRUITT, Daniel M12 AUG 181328 SEP 1885
PRUITT, Daniel Wayne25 Jun 1971
PRUITT, Daniel Wayne4 Feb 1948
PRUITT, David1771AFT 1830
PRUITT, DavidABT 17462 MAY 1822
PRUITT, David20 JAN 1822

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