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23 Individuals with the PARRAT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PARRAT, AnnABT 160617 NOV 1694
PARRAT, AnnAbt 1616
PARRAT, AnnABT 160617 NOV 1694
PARRAT, AnneABT 1600
PARRAT, AnneABT 1600
PARRAT, Elizabeth1 MAY 1640
PARRAT, Faith20 JAN 1641/164215 OCT 1715
PARRAT, Faith20 JAN 1641/16422 SEP 1723
PARRAT, FaithAbt 1618
PARRAT, Francis
PARRAT, Francis16141656
PARRAT, Hannah21 FEB 1651/1652
PARRAT, Martha9 Oct 164913 Jul 1730
PARRAT, Martha
PARRAT, Martha16081684
PARRAT, Martha9 OCT 1649
PARRAT, Martha16081684
PARRAT, Mary15 JUL 1647
PARRAT, Mercy23 JUL 164627 NOV 1667
PARRAT, Mercy23 JAN 164627 NOV 1667
PARRAT, Sarah22 FEB 1643/1644
PARRAT, Abt 1590

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