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33 Individuals with the PRUIT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PRUIT, Adeline
PRUIT, Allen1879
PRUIT, Amanda
PRUIT, BelleABT 1869
PRUIT, Charles Thomas
PRUIT, Cordie Lenora16 FEB 1925
PRUIT, Cordie Lenora16 FEB 1925
PRUIT, Dorothy C.
PRUIT, Edna G.
PRUIT, FrancesABT 1871
PRUIT, Francis V3 MAR 183314 FEB 1902
PRUIT, Frank
PRUIT, George WashingtonABT 18801924
PRUIT, Hobby
PRUIT, John AlexanderABT 1876
PRUIT, John D20 FEB 1933
PRUIT, Julia
PRUIT, Lamon
PRUIT, Lillie
PRUIT, Marion Wylie
PRUIT, Martha
PRUIT, Nannie5 JAN 1965
PRUIT, Phebe
PRUIT, Sally
PRUIT, Samuel
PRUIT, Samuel Columbus
PRUIT, Samuel Thomas1842
PRUIT, ThomasABT 1878
PRUIT, William
PRUIT, William Joseph
PRUIT, William Robert
PRUIT, William Robert

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