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27 Individuals with the PERRETT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
PERRETT, Albert Edward
PERRETT, Bethiah?? ??? 1785
PERRETT, Charles Edward18 MAY 1905
PERRETT, Charles Floyd10 MAR 1931
PERRETT, Charles Scot8 JAN 1955
PERRETT, Cheryll Diane4 NOV 1948
PERRETT, Dale Lynn30 SEP 1953
PERRETT, Dudley David JohnABT 1929
PERRETT, Edwin JamesABT 1878
PERRETT, Ethel Myrtle18991950
PERRETT, Frances Harriett18861966
PERRETT, George Bradley19 NOV 1958
PERRETT, Henry7 AUG 1856
PERRETT, Janice LaDawn17 MAY 1957
PERRETT, John W.18 Apr 1845
PERRETT, John W.18 Apr 1845
PERRETT, Jonathan
PERRETT, Lorne Edward5 APR 1964
PERRETT, MarthaABT 1879
PERRETT, Rachel19 Mar 1834
PERRETT, Robert Dale10 FEB 1933
PERRETT, Robert Kendall5 APR 1960
PERRETT, Ronda Jean13 JUN 1960
PERRETT, Velma Gwendolyn26 JUN 1935

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