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369 Individuals with the COY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
COY, Aaron19 Dec 1846
COY, Abigail wife of David
COY, Abigail wife of Jonathan2 Apr 200312 Jun 1767
COY, Abraham1820
COY, Abraham20 Nov 182019 Oct 1905
COY, AbrahamSep 1841
COY, Abraham22 Dec 171917 Jun 1795
COY, Ada May1879
COY, Adaline
COY, Adaline1861
COY, Adam20 Nov 17805 Dec 1862
COY, Adam9 Jan 180920 Jan 1839
COY, Adam C1835
COY, Adam C18311906
COY, Adam Jacob5 Dec 1834
COY, Adelaide (Minnie)1864
COY, Adne Webster4 Jun 18877 Jun 1948
COY, Albert ANov 18526 May 1924
COY, Alice1856/1857
COY, Amanda1855
COY, Amasa
COY, Amos1845
COY, AmyABT 1827ABT 1915
COY, Amy1860Jan 1936
COY, Andrew1885
COY, Andrew16 Apr 18211892
COY, Andrew1813Bef 1862
COY, Ann Mary1816
COY, Anna1871
COY, Anna Appaolonia "Kauen"13 Mar 1757
COY, Anna Emily2 Dec 18623 Jul 1900
COY, Anna Kretha "Kau"9 Apr 1711
COY, Anna Maria5 Jun 1814dy
COY, Anna Mary1815
COY, Arlie1878
COY, Barbara26 May 1836
COY, Barbara
COY, Barbaraca. 19281928
COY, Barbara Jean10 MAY 1935
COY, Benjamin F.5 Aug 184111 Jul 1911
COY, Bernal W.ABT 1919
COY, Bernard Garland11 DEC 19201 JUL 1996
COY, Bertha J1868-1869
COY, Betsy
COY, Betty
COY, Bonita Lynn25 APR 194913 JAN 2004
COY, Burl
COY, Burley J.187323 Jun 1953
COY, Caleb26 Jan 181810 Dec 1840
COY, Carol AnnPrivate
COY, Cassius Lincoln18609 Feb 1944
COY, Catharina26 Sep 1795
COY, Catharina Elisabetha "Kau"7 Apr 1728
COY, Catharine17781802
COY, Catharine5 JAN 18232 JUL 1906
COY, Catharine7 Sep 18207 Jun 1866
COY, Catharine178010 FEB 1857
COY, Catherine18091 Sep 1831
COY, CatherineAbt 1814
COY, Catherine11 Mar 1840
COY, Catherine Sarah28 Nov 183220 Oct 1901
COY, CECIL22 Jun 1905
COY, Charles
COY, Charles Benjamin15 Feb 18507 Sep 1909
COY, CHARLES E.28 Dec 1917
COY, Charles Edward1842
COY, Charles N11 May 185617 Oct 1936
COY, Charlotte
COY, Christopher1843
COY, Clara13 Sep 189211 Jul 1963
COY, Clarrie1870
COY, Claudia 1870
COY, Cynthia
COY, Dale6 JUN 1963
COY, Daniel9 Jan 18242 Feb 1919
COY, Daniel15 Jun 1685
COY, Daniel2 Feb 183911 Aug 1847
COY, Daniel
COY, David181929 Jan 1897
COY, DavidAbt 1836
COY, David24 Jan 1731
COY, David
COY, David Edward186123 Mar 1941
COY, Devalt (David)1752Abt 1817
COY, Diana
COY, Donald Raymond31 Jan 192719 Apr 2002
COY, Doris
COY, Edward1879
COY, Edward1877
COY, Edward Dwight19 JUL 1908
COY, Edward Gustin24 AUG 184426 MAY 1904
COY, Edward Harris24 MAY 1888
COY, Edward Harris (Jr.)5 JAN 1915
COY, Edward James2 Sep 1955
COY, Edwin2 Oct 18642 Jan 1877
COY, Edwin
COY, EDWIN EARL10 Dec 1909
COY, Elizabeth30 Jun 1702
COY, Elizabeth
COY, Elizabeth18241885
COY, Elizabeth3 May 1726
COY, Elizabeth26 Aug 185925 Aug 1938
COY, Elizabeth18591905
COY, Elizabeth1837
COY, Elizabethca. 1856
COY, ElizabethAbt 1654
COY, Elizabeth "Effie"1850
COY, Elizabeth Camp2 FEB 1912
COY, Elmer JNov 1863
COY, Emaline1869
COY, Emanuel10 Aug 1822dy
COY, Emily1854
COY, Emma1868
COY, Emma F.1862
COY, Emma J1868
COY, Estelle Pearl28 Mar 18913 Apr 1973
COY, Evelyn
COY, EVELYN26 Aug 1919
COY, Evelyn
COY, Ezra1872
COY, Flora
COY, Florence L.19 Apr 1899
COY, Floyd31 Oct 1881
COY, FrancesABT 1840
COY, Francis "Fanny"6 Sep 1833
COY, FrederickAbt 1750
COY, FrederickSep 1846
COY, FrederickSep 18441909
COY, George1854
COY, George18209 Mar 1894
COY, George Grenfell188320 Nov 1910
COY, George Williamca. 18168 Mar 1881
COY, George William Jr.28 Jan 186218 Jun 1939
COY, Glenn
COY, Grace Elizabeth28 Sep 192426 Jul 1991
COY, Guilford1875
COY, Guy
COY, Hans Nickel "Kauen"21 Aug 1723
COY, Harriet
COY, Havelock
COY, Hazel Bertha19 Jan 188730 Jul 1978
COY, Helen Adelaide16 DEC 185415 NOV 1906
COY, Helen Louise16 Sep 192024 Jan 1987
COY, Helen R.
COY, Helen R.ABT. 1845
COY, Henrich16 Mar 1779
COY, Henry18221 MAY 1864
COY, Henry1855Bef 1880
COY, HenryWFT Est 1760-1797WFT Est 1801-1875
COY, HenryABT 1845
COY, Henry4 MAR 177622 FEB 1856
COY, Henry15 May 178922 Jul 1846
COY, Henry1741Aft 1785
COY, Henry E1870
COY, Henry Jacob18551900
COY, Henry Jacob1823
COY, Henry Leonard8 May 182231 jun 1893
COY, Hester1841
COY, Ida1877
COY, IdaJul 1868
COY, infant19231923
COY, Ira Bennett1 Jan 187717 Apr 1925
COY, Irven M1 Jan 187727 Sep 1962
COY, Jacob182111 JUN 1843
COY, JacobDec 181313 Feb 1862
COY, Jacob Adam180928 Jul 1884
COY, Jacob B20 Feb 18079 Dec 1897
COY, Jacob C25 Feb 18234 Jun 1862
COY, Jacob Henry8 May 179228 Jul 1884
COY, Jacob Henry
COY, Jacob Henry12 AUG 184123 SEP 1911
COY, Jacob Henry18201 Oct 1894
COY, James1874
COY, James W.
COY, Jane1862Aft 1880
COY, Jennifer Lynn22 Oct 1980
COY, Jesse
COY, Jewel Ruth3 Apr 19183 Oct 2001
COY, Jimmie
COY, Johan Henrich "Kau"25 Feb 1717Aft 1776
COY, Johann Adam "Kau"20 Dec 1725
COY, Johann Henrich "Kau"15 Jan 1748
COY, Johann Jacob9 Jul 1777Bef 1792
COY, Johann JACOB27 Jul 174114 Dec 1832
COY, Johann Ludwig "Kau"Abt 167625 Nov 1741
COY, Johann Ludwig "Kau"15 Jan 1748
COY, Johann Nicholas "Kau"9 Jan 1744
COY, Johann Paul "Kauen"12 Jul 1761
COY, Johann Peter "Kau"21 Oct 1701
COY, Johann Valentin "Kauen"18 Apr 1759
COY, John1851
COY, John28 Jun 17838 Nov 1823
COY, John3 Sep 18117 Oct 1892
COY, John27 Mar 181112 Mar 1891
COY, John2 Sep 1666
COY, John F10 Oct 185224 Aug 1927
COY, John G.4 Mar 186120 Jul 1925
COY, Jonathan
COY, Jonathan6 May 168710 Feb 1766
COY, Joseph M.4 Oct 18601906
COY, Josiah7 Jul 1728
COY, Josiah31 Jan 176417 Sep 1834
COY, Julia Ann184716 Oct 1861
COY, Lawrence
COY, Lena Faye4 Feb 1904
COY, Leonard18151906
COY, Leonard W20 Sep 1836
COY, Leverett David17 Jul 185727 Mar 1913
COY, Lewis E.1864
COY, Liddia1876
COY, Lilly1865
COY, Living
COY, Lodema B1865
COY, Louise M.16 May 1864
COY, Lucinda (wife of Henry 1822)9 Jul 182925 Jul 1914
COY, LucyAbt 1880
COY, LudwigWFT Est 1745-1774WFT Est 1799-1859
COY, Mabel5 Feb 175731 Oct 1823
COY, Mabel Adelia6 Mar 188717 Jan 1977
COY, Mae
COY, Magdalena179610 Jan 1853
COY, Marcellus Ellsworth24 Nov 1874
COY, MargaretAbt 1880
COY, Margrett E. (wife of Amos 1845)1849
COY, Maria
COY, Martha Ellen19 Apr 1857
COY, Martin185315 Apr 1870
COY, Marvalene M.ABT 1923
COY, Mary22 Jun 179123 Mar 1821
COY, MaryJul 1836
COY, Maryca. 18091882
COY, Mary1693
COY, Mary
COY, Mary "Polly" Ann26 Feb 1819
COY, Mary A.1 Mar 1859
COY, Mary Annie16 Apr 18528 Apr 1925
COY, Mary Augusta5 JAN 1916
COY, Mary C.17 Dec 186212 Mar 1925
COY, Mary Catherine9 Apr 1849
COY, Mary Dexter18 JAN 1875
COY, Mary Frances10 May 190126 Feb 1985
COY, Mary Leeca. 1876
COY, Matthew16239 Sep 1675
COY, Matthew

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