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58 Individuals with the COXE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
COXE, Alce29 Dec 1633
COXE, Alfred Conkling
COXE, Anne English Elliott22 Jan 1985
COXE, Anthonie26 May 159928 May 1599
COXE, Calvin Alfred1 JUN 1922
COXE, Carrie
COXE, Catherine Beekman27 May 1929
COXE, Charles
COXE, Christian27 Dec 1637
COXE, Cora
COXE, Corrine May5 DEC 1945
COXE, Daisy
COXE, Daniel
COXE, Diana14 AUG 1946
COXE, Donald David16 JUL 1923
COXE, Eliza AugustaABT 1775
COXE, Elizabeth5 Jun 1654
COXE, Evelyn Viola10 DEC 1898
COXE, George1600
COXE, George7 Apr 1650
COXE, Henry Matson22 Jan 1985
COXE, Henry Watson21 Feb 1948
COXE, Hilda
COXE, Irene Francis9 MAR 1926
COXE, John
COXE, John13 Feb 1591
COXE, John
COXE, Leila
COXE, Lewis
COXE, Louis H.
COXE, Louis H.
COXE, Louisa1857
COXE, Mary22 Dec 1639
COXE, Mary1636
COXE, Mary1625AFT 1690
COXE, Mary1636
COXE, Mary Katherine7 Sep 1982
COXE, Mildred May23 NOV 1927
COXE, Mrs ThomasABT 1569
COXE, Rebecca
COXE, Richard
COXE, Ronald David7 FEB 194931 MAR 1975
COXE, Sara
COXE, Sara
COXE, Sarah
COXE, Tench
COXE, Terry Alfred4 JUN 1945
COXE, Thomas18 Jan 1595
COXE, ThomasABT 1566
COXE, Verna Mae22 NOV 190114 APR 1956
COXE, William
COXE, William1598BEF 14 Dec 1656
COXE, William AlfredNOV 18746 DEC 1949
COXE, William D11 APR 189620 JAN 1961
COXE, William Hammond
COXE, William II

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