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68 Individuals with the COKE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
COKE, Alexandra Marie Bridget
COKE, Ann (or Agnes)
COKE, Anne Margaret
COKE, Arthur George6 APR 18822 MAY 1915
COKE, Catherine Cassandra Isabella
COKE, Cecil
COKE, Cecil
COKE, Charlotte
COKE, Charlotte Marie? ___ 1821? ___ 1882
COKE, D'Ewes
COKE, D'Ewes1751
COKE, Edward
COKE, Edward Thomas
COKE, Elizabeth17 DEC 1824
COKE, Elizabeth1546
COKE, Elizabeth1546UNKNOWN
COKE, Elizabeth14 Jul 1943
COKE, Ellen
COKE, Ellen
COKE, Ellen
COKE, Emma Isabella
COKE, Frances
COKE, Francis Lillyman D'Ewes
COKE, George17 NOV 1759
COKE, Gertrude28 NOV 1943
COKE, Grant L18891945
COKE, Grant L18891945
COKE, Helen Jane
COKE, Helen Jane
COKE, Jane Elizabeth29 APR 1863
COKE, John
COKE, John
COKE, JohnABT 1441
COKE, John1841
COKE, Julia18447 AUG 1931
COKE, Julia18441931
COKE, Julia Lady18441931
COKE, Living
COKE, Margaret
COKE, Mary
COKE, MaryABT 14671506
COKE, MaryABT 14671506
COKE, Mrs. John
COKE, Rebecca Francis
COKE, Richard12 MAR 1663/64
COKE, Richard
COKE, RichardCA 1819
COKE, Richard George
COKE, Robert22 JAN 1712/13
COKE, Teresa
COKE, Thomas
COKE, Thomas26 DEC 182224 JAN 1909
COKE, Thomas
COKE, Thomas of Leicester Earl17541842
COKE, Thomas of Leicester Earl18221902
COKE, Thomas of_Leicester18221902
COKE, Thomas of_Leicester17541842
COKE, Thomas William6 MAY 175430 JUN 1842
COKE, Thomas William20 JUL 184819 NOV 1941
COKE, Wenman
COKE, William1 SEP 1818
COKE, William
COKE, William20 JAN 1717/18
COKE, William Sacherverell
COKE, Wilma
COKE, _____CA 1795

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