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303 Individuals with the COCKE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
COCKE, (d) Unknown
COCKE, AgnesABT 1672
COCKE, Albert
COCKE, Alice15021568
COCKE, AliceAbt 15021567/1568
COCKE, AllenAFT 20 Nov 1780
COCKE, AlonzoABT 1925
COCKE, AnnAbt 1675
COCKE, AnnAbt 1680
COCKE, Ann BlowsFeb 1862
COCKE, Ann Blows19 Mar 185724 Mar 1857
COCKE, Ann Elizabeth12 MAR 181826 FEB 1892
COCKE, AnneAFT 1600
COCKE, Anne Mary16861749
COCKE, Anne Mary Merriwether22 Jul 16901755
COCKE, Bartha May3 APR 1871
COCKE, Benjamin1710AFT 13 Mar 1763
COCKE, Betthier Jonathan
COCKE, Birdie3 APR 187519 JUN 1875
COCKE, Bowler16961771
COCKE, Bowler
COCKE, Bowler
COCKE, Bowler169620 Aug 1771
COCKE, BrasseurAFT 1694AFT 20 Sep 1766
COCKE, Bridget
COCKE, Bridget158420 May 1659
COCKE, Bridget158420 MAY 1659
COCKE, Bridget158420 MAY 1659
COCKE, Bridget158420 MAY 1659
COCKE, Bridget158420 MAY 1659
COCKE, Bridget158420 MAY 1659
COCKE, Capt. Henry Harrison Sr.10 MAY 179412 OCT 1873
COCKE, Capt. Thomas
COCKE, Caroline
COCKE, Caswell C.1830
COCKE, Catharine
COCKE, Catherine168510 Sep 1725
COCKE, Charles18421865
COCKE, Charles Cary1 Jan 1814
COCKE, Charles Hartwell
COCKE, Charles L.
COCKE, Charles W.1864
COCKE, Christopher1558
COCKE, Christopher1558
COCKE, ChristopherAbt 1555
COCKE, Courtney Bowdoin
COCKE, David P23 APR 1776ABT. 1837
COCKE, DorothyAFT 1600
COCKE, Edith Hadassah15 OCT 1897AFT 1984
COCKE, Edward
COCKE, EdwardAFT 1600
COCKE, Edward Jr
COCKE, Edward SrAFT Oct 1665ABT 1734
COCKE, Edwin LeroyOCT 188731 OCT 1968
COCKE, EffieSEP 188910 JUN 1983
COCKE, Eleanor1805
COCKE, Eliza
COCKE, Eliza Amy22 APR 180320 MAR 1835
COCKE, Eliza Henrietta24 JUN 184420 MAY 1945
COCKE, Eliza MDEC 1886
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, ElizabethAFT 1690
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, Elizabeth4 Oct 16751724
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, ElizabethABT 16471708
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, Elizabeth
COCKE, Elizabeth T31 OCT 183521 FEB 1859
COCKE, Ella1935
COCKE, Ella Nora Pettus25 JUL 190925 NOV 1990
COCKE, Ellis1851
COCKE, Emma1849
COCKE, Emma Matilda8 FEB 185023 JAN 1908
COCKE, EzraOCT 1841
COCKE, Flavius Alton21 APR 1882
COCKE, Frank
COCKE, Frederick17 NOV 18397 SEP 1912
COCKE, Frederick Albert1872BEF 1955
COCKE, Frederick Bird Smith6 FEB 181228 APR 1906
COCKE, Frederick Francis25 NOV 1868
COCKE, Grace EMAY 1892
COCKE, Harrison Carter1820
COCKE, Hartwell23 Jul 1772
COCKE, Hartwell
COCKE, Hazel
COCKE, Helen Hansford
COCKE, HenriettaABT 1836ABT 1836
COCKE, Henry1696AFT 1 Feb 1714
COCKE, Henry Harrison, Jr.SEP 1854
COCKE, Hopkins Buckingham18591919
COCKE, Ima ZJAN 1880
COCKE, IoneAUG 1897
COCKE, JamesBET. 1750 - 1760
COCKE, James
COCKE, James Frederick29 MAR 1883
COCKE, James Jr1693
COCKE, James Powell SrABT 166819 Aug 1747
COCKE, James Richard
COCKE, James Richard
COCKE, James Rogers27 MAR 183826 JAN 1919
COCKE, JaneAFT 1600
COCKE, Joe191111 JAN 1937
COCKE, JohnABT 1667BEF 2 Oct 1699
COCKE, John1569
COCKE, John1569
COCKE, John16476 Apr 1724
COCKE, John1759
COCKE, JohnABT 1700
COCKE, John177216 FEB 1854
COCKE, John9 Oct 1569ABT Dec 1630
COCKE, John27 Sep 179810 Oct 1869
COCKE, John Alexander "Jack"18343 JUL 1910
COCKE, John Bowdoin
COCKE, John Hartwell
COCKE, John HartwellAFT 29 Jan 1791
COCKE, John Hartwell
COCKE, John Hartwell II
COCKE, John Hartwell III25 Jan 1804Sep 1846
COCKE, John James
COCKE, Joseph
COCKE, JosephABT 1840ABT 1840
COCKE, Julia EAUG 1884
COCKE, Juliana Ruffin10 MAR 1846
COCKE, Katherine Allen
COCKE, Kathleen
COCKE, Laura
COCKE, Leanna
COCKE, Leanna
COCKE, Lelia Barraud
COCKE, Lena B.4 Aug 188415 Jan 1954
COCKE, Louisianna Barraud
COCKE, Louisianna Barraud29 Jun 18069 Dec 1829
COCKE, Lucy Cary
COCKE, Maclin Turley "M T"31 OCT 185128 JAN 1943
COCKE, Margaret
COCKE, Margaret
COCKE, Margaret E.Abt 18171907
COCKE, Margaret Ellen "Maggie"3 FEB 18481 APR 1890
COCKE, Margaret Katherine "Kate"JAN 188010 FEB 1956
COCKE, Margaret Lavinia11 APR 1837
COCKE, Martha
COCKE, Martha
COCKE, Martha1677
COCKE, Martha
COCKE, Martha
COCKE, MarthaABT 1700
COCKE, Martha
COCKE, MarthaABT 1697BEF 23 Nov 1784
COCKE, Martha1746
COCKE, Mary1660
COCKE, MaryAFT 1690
COCKE, Mary1859
COCKE, MaryABT 16353 Jun 1703
COCKE, MaryBEF 1754
COCKE, Mary1796
COCKE, Mary Addie21 JUL 188420 JAN 1885
COCKE, Mary Ann20 OCT 1912
COCKE, Mary Augustus
COCKE, Mary Braxton
COCKE, Mary Ella28 MAR 1858
COCKE, MaudNOV 188326 NOV 1938
COCKE, Maurice
COCKE, Mrs. Cocke
COCKE, Mrs. Cocke
COCKE, Myran OMAR 1882
COCKE, Nancy Ann
COCKE, Nancy Ann
COCKE, Nancy Henrietta18451933
COCKE, Nancy PBET. 1775 - 1780
COCKE, Naomi1582
COCKE, Naomi1572BEF 1670
COCKE, Naomi1572BEF 1670
COCKE, Narcisse
COCKE, Obedience
COCKE, Pauline Malvina6 JUN 185523 MAR 1940
COCKE, Pensive
COCKE, PensiveOCT 1899
COCKE, Philip St. George17 Apr 180926 Dec 1861
COCKE, Philip St. George II
COCKE, Philippe1587
COCKE, Pleasant Sterling
COCKE, Pleasant Sterling
COCKE, Polly
COCKE, RayMAR 1892AFT 1955
COCKE, Rebecca
COCKE, Rebecca
COCKE, Reginald EMAY 1894
COCKE, Richard5 Sep 16024 Oct 1665
COCKE, Richard
COCKE, Richard16701750/1751
COCKE, Richard16601720
COCKE, Richard
COCKE, Richard
COCKE, Richard IIABT 16591737
COCKE, Richard III1672BEF 3 Oct 1720
COCKE, Richard III16721720
COCKE, Richard IV1706AFT 13 Sep 1771
COCKE, Richard Jones
COCKE, Richard Jr10 Dec 163920 Nov 1706
COCKE, Robert1525
COCKE, Robert1525
COCKE, RobertAFT 1600
COCKE, Robert Henderson18531853
COCKE, Sally Brown
COCKE, Sally Faulcon8 Sep 1816
COCKE, Sarah
COCKE, Sarah
COCKE, Sarah16961 Aug 1743
COCKE, SarahABT 1690ABT 1750
COCKE, Sarah
COCKE, Sarah Amelia17 APR 18901979
COCKE, Sarah Amelia "Sally"13 FEB 184628 JUN 1892
COCKE, Sarah Frances1844
COCKE, Sarah Frances
COCKE, Sarah Maclin
COCKE, Sarah Musidora
COCKE, Sarah Stratton
COCKE, Shelby Todd27 JUN 18821 NOV 1955
COCKE, Stephen
COCKE, Stephen
COCKE, Stephen
COCKE, Stephen
COCKE, Stephen Marcus
COCKE, Sterling13 AUG 1857
COCKE, Tabitha25 SEP 1724
COCKE, TabithaABT 1698AFT 1759
COCKE, Tabitha1698
COCKE, Tabitha
COCKE, Tarifa27 JUL 183112 OCT 1896

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