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42 Individuals with the SACK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SACK, Christian
SACK, Clarence
SACK, David Wayne26 FEB 1958
SACK, Donna Kay19 JUL 1961
SACK, Dorothy Louise19 FEB 1922
SACK, Edward Leon24 AUG 1951
SACK, Franz4 JUN 18491915
SACK, Gene A
SACK, Gottieb
SACK, Grace Elizabeth25 NOV 1914
SACK, Jacqueline Patrice29 JAN 1970
SACK, James Franklin08 DEC 1933
SACK, James Wayne03 JAN 1969
SACK, Jason Kenneth08 AUG 1986
SACK, Joel Duane12 MAY 1958
SACK, Jon Patrick15 APR 1961
SACK, Kenneth Wayne24 MAR 1936
SACK, Kyle David20 MAY 1985
SACK, Linwood
SACK, Living
SACK, Living
SACK, Living
SACK, Living
SACK, Marilyn Louise16 JUN 1944
SACK, Marjorie Claudine16 OCT 1928
SACK, Martha18811881
SACK, mary a.28 Feb 183727 Jun 1918
SACK, Michael C.
SACK, Nancy Lee23 NOV 1940
SACK, Otto1884
SACK, Ralph1886
SACK, Raymond David
SACK, Richard Allen12 JAN 1949
SACK, Robert Donald19 MAR 1932
SACK, Somers18531927
SACK, Stanley1022
SACK, Theodor18741965
SACK, TomABT 1953BEF 1998
SACK, Willard
SACK, William Marion09 JUN 189130 JUN 1982
SACK, William Richard23 JUN 1926
SACK, Wilma Lois28 MAR 192214 APR 1988

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