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122 Individuals with the SUGGS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SUGGS, AbsolomABT. 1742ABT. 1805
SUGGS, Ailsey1792
SUGGS, Ailsey1792
SUGGS, Albert Lee8 AUG 1884
SUGGS, Alexander
SUGGS, Alfred Elmer10 NOV 1891
SUGGS, Alvin Edward1925
SUGGS, Andrew J.
SUGGS, Ann Lorara1839
SUGGS, Audra Pauline
SUGGS, B. C.1848
SUGGS, Baby13 DEC 1897
SUGGS, Benie Miles
SUGGS, Bobby Gene
SUGGS, Calvin
SUGGS, Charles4 JAN 181711 DEC 1852
SUGGS, Charles Farrell
SUGGS, Charles Hinton 'Charlie'15 Jun 1818ABT 1890
SUGGS, Charles Hinton 'Charlie'15 Jun 1818ABT 1890
SUGGS, Charles Lee4 JAN 18444 APR 1922
SUGGS, Charles McKinley3 JAN 190014 FEB 1963
SUGGS, Clarinda4 Sep 182411 May 1895
SUGGS, Dovie21 SEP 188819 FEB 1983
SUGGS, Edith Elizabeth 'Betty'12 Aug 184817 Apr 1912
SUGGS, Edith Elizabeth 'Betty'12 Aug 184817 Apr 1912
SUGGS, Edward
SUGGS, Eliza27 JAN 18345 JUN 1904
SUGGS, Elizabeth1809
SUGGS, Elizabeth Ashley4 Sep 1989
SUGGS, Elizabeth Lovett
SUGGS, Eva Cam22 Oct 1960
SUGGS, Evaleen1874
SUGGS, Frances18461904
SUGGS, Frank Lee23 JAN 189502 FEB 1960
SUGGS, Frank Lee III
SUGGS, Frank Lee Jr.27 JUL 192114 JAN 1985
SUGGS, Freeton
SUGGS, Gwendolyn Leigh17 Oct 1957
SUGGS, Helen Estelle05 MAY 1893
SUGGS, HenryABT 1820
SUGGS, Hugh L.14 Oct 1849
SUGGS, IsaacABT 1813AFT 24 OCT 1890
SUGGS, James17641851
SUGGS, James Augustus5 APR 1880
SUGGS, James Carroll1838
SUGGS, Jeanne Laurel
SUGGS, Jenny1877
SUGGS, Jerry Lyn
SUGGS, Jewel02 MAR 1903
SUGGS, John Franklin05 OCT 186108 APR 1946
SUGGS, John Franklin30 Nov 1953
SUGGS, Leon Franklin1 Nov 1932
SUGGS, Linda30 MAR 1964
SUGGS, Linda Carol
SUGGS, Lisa28 NOV 1961
SUGGS, Living
SUGGS, Lorenzo
SUGGS, Lori Denise26 MAR 1966
SUGGS, Louisa E.31 AUG 187020 JAN 1968
SUGGS, Lucy Ann4 JAN 18692 JAN 1948
SUGGS, Madison
SUGGS, Madison
SUGGS, Margaret1822
SUGGS, Martha Ann
SUGGS, Martha Belle22 JAN 192715 JUL 1996
SUGGS, Martha E.
SUGGS, Martha E.1 MAR 1870
SUGGS, Martha Lou
SUGGS, Mary Ethel25 NOV 1886
SUGGS, Mary Louise12 MAY 1905
SUGGS, Mary R.
SUGGS, Mary Ruth25 Jul 1925
SUGGS, Mary Verlena17 JUL 187115 JUN 1951
SUGGS, Miles26 NOV 18721 JAN 1952
SUGGS, Miles
SUGGS, Milla May
SUGGS, MosesABT 180911 SEP 1863
SUGGS, Mrs Harry
SUGGS, Nancy1927
SUGGS, NancyABT 1835
SUGGS, Nancy Jane
SUGGS, Nancy Lucretia29 MAY 1882
SUGGS, Pleasant Miles5 JUN 18519 JUN 1927
SUGGS, Raymond Nelson
SUGGS, Robert Paul
SUGGS, Rose Jane5 DEC 1879
SUGGS, Roy Clifford
SUGGS, Russell Aubrey23 JUN 1907
SUGGS, Russell Earl15 JAN 192723 JAN 1927
SUGGS, Sally
SUGGS, Samuel Lee
SUGGS, Sarah
SUGGS, ThomasMAY 1838BEF 02 MAY 1910
SUGGS, Thomas01 JUL 1896
SUGGS, Timothy
SUGGS, Veda Lea
SUGGS, Verlena Etta25 MAR 1878
SUGGS, Verlena Valentine14 FEB 1898
SUGGS, Verlenia10 MAR 184225 MAR 1927
SUGGS, Vernon Hill
SUGGS, Vernon Hill
SUGGS, VirginiaJAN 1919MAR 1978
SUGGS, Wiley
SUGGS, William
SUGGS, William1929
SUGGS, William
SUGGS, William13 DEC 1799FEB 1876
SUGGS, William A.27 Jan 1883Aug 1968
SUGGS, William Benjamin8 Mar 1994
SUGGS, William Calvin2 DEC 1900
SUGGS, William D.ABT 1844
SUGGS, Willis18121856
SUGGS, WilloughbyABT 17941859

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