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31 Individuals with the SUSS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SUSS, Anna
SUSS, Anna Margaretha10 FEB 1726/271753
SUSS, Anna Margaretha12 MAY 173216 DEC 1790
SUSS, Anna Maria9 NOV 1736
SUSS, Anna Maria15 FEB 1702/0315 MAY 1764
SUSS, Barbara18 FEB 1750/51
SUSS, Catharina28 JUL 1741
SUSS, Christopher1711
SUSS, Daniel22 JUL 171719 FEB 1794
SUSS, Eva Elizabeth23 SEP 1733
SUSS, Hans Jacob5 JAN 1624/253 AUG 1706
SUSS, Hans Theus30 JAN 1653/54
SUSS, Henriette02 JUL 186429 JAN 1956
SUSS, Jean Georges
SUSS, Jean Jacques
SUSS, Johann Balthasar23 NOV 1697
SUSS, Johann Caspar5 JAN 1661/625 NOV 1728
SUSS, Johann Christopher3 NOV 1724
SUSS, Johann Friedrich8 SEP 17448 OCT 1756
SUSS, Johann Jacob16 JUN 170624 AUG 1780
SUSS, Johann Jacob1680
SUSS, Johann Jacob10 OCT 1654
SUSS, Johann Martin
SUSS, Johann Philipp10 AUG 1714
SUSS, Johann Reinhard16601706
SUSS, Maria Barbara22 JUL 1717
SUSS, Maria Margaretha Barbara4 FEB 1730/31
SUSS, Matthias13 APR 17348 APR 1805
SUSS, Nicolas30 JUN 1835.. 1917
SUSS, Nicolas
SUSS, Philip1 MAY 17393 APR 1740

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