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57 Individuals with the SWAYZE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SWAYZE, Allen Joseph31 AUG 1983
SWAYZE, Anna Rebecca26 AUG 1977
SWAYZE, Barbara Suzanne19 MAY 1944
SWAYZE, BertOCT 1929
SWAYZE, Caleb17564 NOV 1815
SWAYZE, David Allen196425 FEB 1986
SWAYZE, Deborah
SWAYZE, Donald Jay
SWAYZE, Donald Jay
SWAYZE, Elisha
SWAYZE, Elizabeth
SWAYZE, Elizabeth
SWAYZE, Gabriel
SWAYZE, GabrielABT 1790
SWAYZE, Jennie
SWAYZE, JohnABT 1585ABT 1686
SWAYZE, John16211706
SWAYZE, John C.18331882
SWAYZE, Joseph
SWAYZE, Joseph16531713
SWAYZE, LydiaABT 1745
SWAYZE, LydiaABT 1745
SWAYZE, Margaret Emma20 MAR 1928
SWAYZE, Mari Katherine04 DEC 1984
SWAYZE, Mary11 Jan 1749/50
SWAYZE, Mary Sue28 OCT 1930
SWAYZE, Michelle Lynn1 MAY 1961
SWAYZE, Molly Elizabeth09 NOV 1993
SWAYZE, Moya Kathleen3 OCT 1960
SWAYZE, Nancy Ellen
SWAYZE, Richard20 Aug 1717ABT 1780
SWAYZE, Richard , Jr.BEF 1750
SWAYZE, Robert Lee15 DEC 1952
SWAYZE, Robert Lee14 AUG 1980
SWAYZE, Robert Lee14 MAR 191424 AUG 1966
SWAYZE, Roger Dean
SWAYZE, Ronald Davis22 JAN 1959
SWAYZE, Ruth13 Jan 182222 Oct 1912
SWAYZE, Ruth13 Jan 182222 Oct 1912
SWAYZE, Ruth13 Jan 182222 Oct 1912
SWAYZE, Ruth13 Jan 182222 Oct 1912
SWAYZE, Samuel20 Mar 1688/8911 May 1759
SWAYZE, Sarah2 MAR 180231 AUG 1879
SWAYZE, Sarah2 Oct 1757
SWAYZE, Sarah17823 Mar 1845
SWAYZE, Sherry Lee22 FEB 194622 FEB 1946
SWAYZE, Silas Edward24 JUN 1956
SWAYZE, Solomon4 Jul 17777 Sep 1833
SWAYZE, William Tracy22 MAR 1952
SWAYZE, William Tracy3 JUL 1922
SWAYZE, William Tracy

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