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80 Individuals with the NULL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NULL, Abigail
NULL, Alice E.8 MAY 1914
NULL, Alvie
NULL, Andrew J1845
NULL, Anna Jane21 OCT 18303 JAN 1874
NULL, Arminta M1849
NULL, Becky
NULL, Benjamin Franklin
NULL, Brian
NULL, Brian Scott
NULL, Carol
NULL, CatherineABT 1762
NULL, CatherineABT 1762
NULL, Catherine Elizabeth1850
NULL, Charles Edgar15 Aug 187615 Nov 1940
NULL, Charles WesleyAbt 1892
NULL, Chester Paul , Sr2 MAR 1916
NULL, Colvin
NULL, Cora
NULL, Craig
NULL, Daniel1806AFT 1880
NULL, Dora24 Sep 19018 Feb 1970
NULL, Ed18 Apr 1950
NULL, Edward W.22 NOV 19195 FEB 1995
NULL, ElizabethABT 1830AFT 1910
NULL, Emma L.17 Oct 187812 Jan 1961
NULL, Ethel Gertrude26 MAY 190614 DEC 1969
NULL, Eva Jean
NULL, Francis Ira21 NOV 191413 SEP 1987
NULL, Frank R.
NULL, Geraldine
NULL, GuffieABT 1920
NULL, Ida Blanche4 FEB 19031980
NULL, Ira Oscar Byron26 MAR 189519 JUL 1990
NULL, Irvin
NULL, James
NULL, Jane
NULL, Jeffie T.
NULL, Jerome Lee
NULL, John
NULL, John
NULL, John R1835
NULL, Judith Rae
NULL, Kenneth E.1 JAN 19183 JAN 1918
NULL, Kenneth Roy12 SEP 19141 MAR 1937
NULL, Kester
NULL, Leandro H21 AUG 18923 FEB 1941
NULL, Louise
NULL, Lucinda
NULL, Lucretia Alice25 Nov 187113 Feb 1939
NULL, Manervy1866
NULL, Martha1852
NULL, Mary
NULL, Mary Alice4 Oct 1860
NULL, Mary Alice4 Oct 1860
NULL, Mary FrancisWFT Est. 1866-1902WFT Est. 1887-1982
NULL, Mary Louise1941
NULL, Merthursey1855
NULL, Mildred Arnell14 Feb 1921
NULL, Mildred E
NULL, Minnie Ann30 NOV 18946 JUN 1977
NULL, Nancy L1836
NULL, Narcessa4 NOV 183825 APR 1928
NULL, Ora Nell2 DEC 18925 JAN 1987
NULL, Pauline
NULL, Rebecca C1846
NULL, Sarah JJUN 1841
NULL, Scott
NULL, Sharon
NULL, Susanna1833
NULL, Theresa1851
NULL, Thursay E1843
NULL, Wesley
NULL, William1842
NULL, William Add6 APR 189019 JAN 1978
NULL, William Calvin
NULL, William Scott

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