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64 Individuals with the NALL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NALL, Addie Lee
NALL, Aleen N.19061985
NALL, Allie Ruth24 OCT 1886
NALL, Anise A.3 OCT 1933
NALL, Berry1803
NALL, Callie Florence29 APR 18891 AUG 1968
NALL, Carl
NALL, Catharine (twins)? NOV 1878
NALL, Charles Edward26 APR 18801 JAN 1967
NALL, Charles Edward6 JAN 18565 SEP 1899
NALL, Christopher Columbus11 JUL 185815 FEB 1936
NALL, Danny
NALL, Donna Lurlene
NALL, Doris1924
NALL, ElizaCA 1853
NALL, ElizabethABOUT 1525
NALL, ElizabethABT 1755
NALL, ElizabethABT 17921866
NALL, Frances9 JUL 1863
NALL, Hattie
NALL, Ida LouiseABT 190630 APR 1997
NALL, JamesABT 1780
NALL, JamesABT 1760
NALL, James Elmer20 AUG 188119 JUL 1957
NALL, Jane A.
NALL, Jane H.1787
NALL, John
NALL, John
NALL, JohnABT 1750ABT 1833
NALL, John Burks15 JUL 18482 AUG 1930
NALL, John LutherABT 1893
NALL, John Paul18 MAY 1984
NALL, John Wesley31 OCT 181925 JAN 1908
NALL, Joseph Stevens
NALL, Julia Frances31 JUL 1954
NALL, Karen
NALL, Katherine1927
NALL, Lucretia Jane22 SEP 18461 OCT 1933
NALL, Malcolm Clarence16 SEP 19002 NOV 1949
NALL, Mark1924
NALL, MartinABT 1745
NALL, MartinABT 1675AFT 9 Apr 1728
NALL, Marvin5 APR 188226 NOV 1938
NALL, MarvineABT 1921
NALL, MaryABT 1750
NALL, MaryABT 1747
NALL, Mary Elizabeth? APR 1860? ___ 1914
NALL, Mary Perlina20 MAY 18856 MAY 1940
NALL, Mattie (twins)? NOV 187824 DEC 1950
NALL, Mattie B.18731955
NALL, Nancy1795
NALL, Nancy Elinnie22 NOV 192131 OCT 1961
NALL, NathanCA 1793
NALL, RichardABT 1762
NALL, RichardABT 1792
NALL, SaraABT. 1862
NALL, WilliamABT 1775
NALL, William P.
NALL, William P.
NALL, William P.
NALL, Willie1896
NALL, WinifredABT 1705
NALL, Zachary Toliver18 MAR 185017 FEB 1926
NALL, Wft Est. 1829-1875Wft Est. 1854-1952

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