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21 Individuals with the NALE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NALE, Ada Alfretta15 DEC 1876
NALE, Alice27 APR 18932 JAN 1989
NALE, Alva Videth21 SEP 1899JAN 1981
NALE, Bernard E.27 JUN 191329 DEC 1998
NALE, Charles Henry30 JUN 1887JAN 1970
NALE, Dennis20C.20C.
NALE, Dennis20C.20C.
NALE, Diana
NALE, Edward26 JUN 188212 JUL 1882
NALE, Eunice M.
NALE, Floyd7 APR 190222 MAY 1993
NALE, Herbert14 JUN 1879
NALE, Juliette30 SEP 1897
NALE, Kenneth20C.
NALE, Kenneth20C.
NALE, Marjorie
NALE, Mary FannieCA 1812
NALE, Minnie6 JUN 18844 MAR 1886
NALE, Nora10 FEB 1890
NALE, Phillip185326 FEB 1925

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